How To Cope With Depression

Living with depression is not something that you have to do, there are ways to deal with depression without having to use prescription drugs to treat the problem. The first step to beating depression is to get a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise every single day. Studies have repeatedly shown that 15 minutes of exercise can improve your mood throughout the duration of the day.

Finding time to exercise can be difficult to come by these days unfortunately. With work and other obligations most people have sometimes you need to come up with innovative ways to get in some exercise. A 15 minutes walk will do the trick, you can do this on your lunch break at work, or when you run errands before or after work park in the farthest parking spot you can from where you are going, a little bit more exercise here and there adds up quick.  If you have the time going to the gym or working out at home on a machine can do wonders in beating depression.

how to cope with depression

A person living with depression can also add certain foods to their diet to improve their outlook and mood. Studies have shown there are several foods that help people in beating depression. Foods with omega 3 fatty acids are the first group that have shown to help with depression, you can find this in Salmon(the salmon has to be wild caught though, not farm raised) and in tuna. The second group is foods that contain folic acid. You can find this in avocado and spinach among other foods.

Get in the habit of challenging a negative thought process. Many times learning how to cope with depression involves understanding that negative thoughts are not based in reality many times. For example, if you think you are never going to find someone. Just ask yourself; can I predict the future? The answer is no. Can I make an effort to meet someone? Yes, there are endless ways to meet people from dating websites, to joining an activity or group such as a wine tasting group or a group that enjoys outdoor activities year round(use your imagination, there are countless ways to meet new people, you just have to look). Most times if you look at your situation in a logical manner and ask yourself the ways it can possibly be resolved you will come up with more than one answer to change your situation.

You need to take some "me" time. Studies have shown for example that being outside can greatly help people in beating depression. If you love to be outside go for a walk on the weekends and see the beauty in nature and what life can be if your willing to look through a positive lens as opposed to a negative one. It doesn't have to necessarily be something outside, but most everyone has one activity that brightens their mood, make time for whatever you activity is and watch how sticking to a regular routine of making "me" time can help your outlook.


living with depression

Studies have shown that having a pet can greatly aid people that are living with depression. This is why hospitals have dogs that go around and visit people who are dying of terminal diseases and members of the military coming back from war who have suffered physical and/or mental trauma. The positive effects a pet can have on a person is well documented.

If you decide to get a pet you need to make sure that you are willing and able to take care of it however, getting a pet to make you feel better but not taking care of it is not fair to the animal, they deserve to be happy just like you. If you are thinking of getting a dog make sure you have time to walk with them, play with them, give them love, and you have the financial resources to properly take care of them when they need to go to the vet, etc. For someone with not as much time a cat can be a good choice as well. They require less care than a dog, but make sure you still have the time to give them attention and take care of them properly. As a side note, always remember when looking for a pet that there are thousands upon thousands of loving dogs and cats in shelters looking for a good home and someone to love.

One important area in beating depression is accepting that you have a disease, just like someone with a heart disease or cancer. Many times people with depression blame themselves for not being good enough, or things that have gone wrong in their life that may not have even been their fault but someone else's. Sometimes in life our situation and how we end up in life can be dictated by another people's actions. Do not blame yourself for things in life that were not your fault or you had no control over. Even if you were the one to suffer the consequences of that person actions whether it be a parent, a former friend, or anyone else who wronged you in your life, don't blame yourself for situations that were out of your control.

If you follow these tips, accept that life is not always fair, and do not blame yourself for the actions of others, you can go along way in beating depression. Learning how to cope with depression is not an easy thing to do, it takes some effort, but if you are willing to put in the time to change your thought process you can have the happy outlook that all of us deserve in life.







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