The flu, also known by its scientific name, "Influenza" is very annoying. It is caused by the Influenza A and B virus.

Influenza is very contagious and can be spread by saliva droplets, usually when the person speaks, cough or sneezes.

People mostly affected are young children, people who are older and person's with certain health conditions such asthma, liver and kidney illnesses, morbid obesity, etc (CDC).

The flu can recur many times based on one's health.


Influenza was first noticed by a veterinarian, in 1918 named JS Koen. He used animal subjects ie pigs. Koen studied and found that the disease was similar to the "Spanish"pandemic.

His research laid the foundation for Robert Shope. Shope's experiment's later proved that influenza was caused by a virus and his experiment lead to even greater discoveries about the flu.

Flu Season

The flu season is usually from October to May of the following year.

Common Symptoms

Common every day flu symptoms would include the following:

- headache

- runny/stuffy noses

- fever

- cough

- vomiting

-  diarrhoea

-  sore throat

Difference Between Cold and Flu

The cold and the flu are both very different.They should never be confused. In certain instances, a cold is said to be much milder.


The are usually two route for trying to get better. There are:

Medicine(over the counter)- prescribed by doctor

Natural Method- usually lifestyle changes and other natural methods without medicines.

Here are some easy ways to try to build up your personal defenses (against the flu):

 - avoid stress

-  always eat a balanced diet

- work out/exercise several times a week 

- constantly wash your hands 

- take plenty of rest

- practice proper hygiene

- keep your surroundings clean


 ï»¿The US Center For Disease Control, suggests that anyone from the age of six months and above should get a flu shot every year, t o protect you during flu season.

The vaccine was designed to help build up a person's immunity to the flu virus.

However, some have had adverse reactions to the shot. If this happens, an individual should contact a health professional.