Looking For A DWI or DUI Attorney In Austin Texas?

DWI stands for Driving while intoxicated and sometimes can be referred to as DUI (Driving under the influence).  All states in the United States have their own law that forbids anyone to drive their vehicles while drunk or under the influence of alcohol. Austin is thought to be the 16th biggest city and the 4th biggest in Texas and it is also the fastest growing area in the United States. Meaning, it is a hot bed for DWI and DUI cases.

DWI is considered a criminal act, and once a law enforcement officer suspects a driver of driving while intoxicated and pulls him over he may have to administer a series of test to confirm sobriety.  These tests may include heel-to- toe walk on a straight line, reciting the alphabet forwards and backwards as well as other tests that need to test mental or physical reflexes. A Breathalyzer is also used if the driver failed the preliminary tests. The police officers are also allowed to extract blood samples from the suspected drunk driver. Once proven that a defendant was actually driving while intoxicated, the  judge in a court of law will order that the offender take classes or order different penalties such as, suspension of license, treatment program or spending time in jail. If you think you are not guilty of these, or find yourself scared and confused you should definitely see legal advice.  Even if you are guilty of driving while intoxicated, it is in your best interest to get an attorney to act on your behalf.  Don't just leave it to chance.


Selecting a DWI Lawyer In the 787 or 733 Area 

If you live in Austin Texas, it is best to get word of mouth referrals for a DWI Attorney who can help you with your case. The Internet and Phonebook is also littered with DWI lawyers in the Austin Texas so you will certainly not run out of options.  However, since the pool is so large, it is better to narrow down your choices by getting referral from someone you may know.  If that fails, you can go down to the court houses in the 787 and 733 zip codes and look up drunk driving cases.  You are looking for those with winning outcomes, then copy down the names of a few lawyers.  Call each up, explain your case and choose the best option.  When you visit your local court house, one of the clerks will explain to you how to look up dockets and cases if you are unfamiliar with them. There are some things you want to look for when choosing your DWI Attorney in the 787 or 733 area.

Experience. Do you think his experience would be sufficient to defend you and win? It is important that your lawyer has enough knowledge and expertise on DWI cases in especially in your particular city and county. Even though DWI laws are pretty much uniform in the state of Texas, the policies, practice, and citizens of the local court will be different from any other jurisdiction. Hence, you may want someone who practices in the courts of Austin Texas and in those particular zip codes.

Price.  If you speak to different lawyers, you will find that their service fees vary significantly. This is very important, and most of the time, clients choose someone who is cheaper, which can be a huge mistake. Let’s consider why their fees vary. Since most of the clients are defendant, it is too risky for a lawyer to take their cases without a retainer of some amount. You see, DWI lawyers cannot get out of their cases easily. They need to file Motion to Withdraw and that motion has be be approved by the court.  Judges usually don't  grant the withdrawal just because of the client’s failure to pay – the reason why nearly all lawyers must be fully paid or charge a flat fee before they take on clients. When coming up  with a suitable fee, the lawyer will review the different factors such as, the nature of the case, the facts, the client’s record, the involved court, etc.

Intangibles. Your relationship with your lawyer should be professional. Does he listen and works hard for you? Does he show honesty, dedication and sufficient knowledge about the details of your case? When you choose your lawyer, both of you should have a clear understanding of your intentions. Your lawyer will speak for you in court and essentially holds your future in his hands. Make sure you do your homework and choose a good lawyer from the outset. You really should not change lawyers in the middle of your case unless it is vitally necessary. Have a good working relationship with your attorney so she can work hard for you.


Texas Free Legal Help!

Seriously looking for a cheaper legal aid? Do not be afraid. Texas has organizations designed for those who cannot access the justice system and for those who believe their income will not push through a complete legal session.  

You can avail take advantage of the following from the low-cost legal aid:

  • Full Representation: A lawyer/legal advocate that will accommodate you in your hearing.
  • Legal Clinic: This is where you can talk or inquire to an attorney personally about your case.
  • Self-Help Materials: Brochures and other kits, sheets and cards.
  • Pro Se Clinics: Educates you on your particular legal problem.
  • Brief Advice: Over the telephone advice or in person.
  • Other: private attorney referrals, workshops, seminars, etc.

Contact information:

You can send mails or visit Texas Access to Justice Commission at P.O. Box 12487 Austin, Texas 78711. Or call 800-204-2222 Ext. 1855.

Volunteer Legal Services is located at Central Texas 816 Congress Avenue, Suite 701 Austin, Texas 78701. Phone number (512) 476-5550. Fax (512) 322-0764. Toll free 800-707-5550.

Legal Aid of Central Texas 800-369-9270 / 512-374-2700

Legal Services for Students, University of Texas 512-471-7796

West Texas Legal Services 800-369-9270 / 512-374-2700

*All service aid listed here is accessible in Austin.

For DWI or other alcohol-related issue, you are given 15 days from the date when the law enforcement officer gives you notice of suspension, to appeal for a hearing to dispute the suspension. Don't wait until time has run out or close to running out before you find yourself good legal representation for your DWI case in Austin Texas.