Math, especially algebra, can be hard for some people to learn. Many schools are over burdened with students. The student to teacher ratio is horrendous. If your child is beginning to slip behind in there math class then it may be time for you to find them a tutor to help them with their math.


If you as the mother or father of the child excelled at math then you may be the best math tutor available for your child. If you are truly up to date on your math skills and know how to do the math problems then feel free to help your child as needed.

You may want to talk with the math teacher first. The way math is taught may have changed since you went attended school. You simply want to make sure that the way you solve the problem is the same method the math teacher is teaching.

If you are up to par and feel confident in your skills to help your child in math then step up to the plate. Do not make math homework something your child despises. If you are normally a dominant and bossy parent then calm down. Once your child knows that you are no there to yell at them they will be more apt to take your help.

Math TutorHigh School Students

If your child needs a math tutor you can find many great math students at the local high school. Regardless of whether your child is in high school, junior high, or elementary school, you can find a good math student to help tutor your child.

Network with the school counselor or one of the math teachers to find a great math student who would be willing to tutor your child for some pocket change.


Many times the math teacher may be able to help tutor the student. Speak with the teacher and see if he or she is able to provide some one on one tutoring time for your child. They may be able to help your child early in the morning, after school, and even at lunchtime.

Online Math Tutors

There are many online based math tutor programs available such as TutorVista and Kaplan. For some kids online math tutoring may not be the best option but other kids may prefer to get tutored online.

Importance Of Math

Many kids do not have an interest in math as they do not see how it will help them. If you can relate math to something the child is interested in it will make it much easier. The classic example is baseball stats. If your child is interested in baseball then teach them how they keep stats. Once your child begins to track baseball stats he or she will have a strong understanding of percentages and how averages work.

If you child gets behind one day in math class then it may be extremely hard to get them caught up to the rest of the class if you do not provide them a tutor.