Finding a mentor does not have to be hard. It can be pretty simple actually. I've just recently gotten myself an A-list mentor and I'm happy to say it was one of the easiest things I have ever done.

So, how did I do it? Simple, really. The first thing you need to do is figure out who you want your mentor to be. Think big. Think of someone you most want to be like career/business-wise. Make a list of your top 3 potential mentors. That's it.

Next, you have to find their contact information. There are 2 ways to do this. If it's a celebrity, I got this little trick from a book called The 4 Hour Work Week. What you have to do is visit a website called I might have the web address of that site wrong, so you'll have to do a google search for Contact Any Celebrity. You can get a potential mentor using this strategy.

If it's not a celebrity you'd like as a mentor, keep it simple and do a google search for that person. Try to find their website and use their contact form. Just send them a real quick e-mail and ASK them if they could be your mentor.

It really is as easy as that. Sure, you might get rejected. But you have to get over that fear of rejection. Just keep asking different people you most want to be like and see what kind of results you get. If you keep asking people, someone somewhere will say yes.

What do you do once you found your own A-list mentor? Keep it simple. Don't bug them with tons of questions every day. Keep it short. Ask them a short specific question every week and do not become a burden. Remember, these are busy people and they're doing you a favor by mentoring you. This does not apply to all situations. You should decide with your mentor what kind of a relationship you two will have. In other words, only you and your mentor can figure out how often you should talk, etc...

Again, I want to reitirate something I said before. I believe you should think big. Go for the top dogs when looking for a mentor. Ask the best of the best. Sure this will be uncomfortable at first but this is an excellent exercise to get out of your comfort zone.

Once you have your own mentor, you will quickly realize how much you can benefit from them. Surprisingly, your new mentor will also benefit from the relationship. Make sure you don't just take, take, take. Remember to give, give, give too. Keep it fair.

Good luck!