The more frequently and longer an individual can see a dentist the better, as the more work a dentist does on a mouth the greater the responsibility they feel for its overall health.  This is why finding the right dentist is key, as prolonged time spent with one who doesn’t provide individuals with their complete hygienic needs is a waste of time and money.  Whether moving to a new community or desiring more from one’s dental care, here are some tips for finding that perfect new dentist.

Get A Referral

For individuals moving to a new area, asking their current dentist for a referral can often be a great first step, as one’s current dentist should know other respected professionals in many areas.  If one has friends and family who live in their new locale, then they can also be an excellent resource for narrowing down the very large field of dental offices.  Friends are also a smart choice for those who are simply unhappy with their current dentist and looking to try someone new.  In these circumstances, one’s doctor, pharmacist or other medical professional will often be able to give solid insights even though dentistry is not their chosen profession.

Call The Office

Sometimes it is just better to trust one’s gut, and calling the office can help individual gain substantial insight into how comfortable they would be at a certain office.  Some offices may not even be accepting new patients currently (although many of these will accept new patients who have been referred by another patient or professional), while others may be rude or unhelpful on the phone.  A receptionist’s courtesy may not be indicative of a dentist’s skill, but it is often reflective of their attitude as the dentist’s way of treating patients generally trickles down into each of their employees.  If a friend or professional has recommended an office and an individual gets a good feeling from them after having questions answered on the phone, then that individual is probably on the right track to finding the right office for them.

Pay A Visit

Since an individual is on the right track, it is generally time to pay a visit to the dental office.  Looking a doctor in the eye can go a long way towards one’s comfort, and taking in the cleanliness and organization of the waiting room and offices is also very important.  Taking the time to truly take in the space and determine one’s comfort with the office and doctor are crucial steps to finding the right dentist.

Have A Conversation With The Dentist

This will generally have to be brief if individuals are just dropping by, but many offices will schedule free consultations.  It is important to come prepared to such a meeting, as knowing one’s needs is crucial to determining if a doctor meets them.  Here individuals can find out an individual doctor’s approach and specialty and see if they feel comfortable and at ease around the dentist.

Check The Internet

There is far too much information on the internet to start there, as hyperbole abounds and there will often be extremely positive and negative reviews of each dental office.  However, after going through all the other steps and meeting the doctor, it is important to check the internet for any major red flags concerning an office.  The rule of threes is generally good to follow here, as critiques should be taken with a grain of salt until at least three different people say the same thing.  Then individuals should also check reviews of nearby offices to see how they stack up against the dentist one is thinking of choosing.  If another seems promising, it is worth taking the time to call and stop by that office as well.