Are you looking for a great Petunia Pickle Bottom sling sale? Not only is this a really cute brand name for baby items, it has become a popular designer item as well. The only problem with being a new mom and wanting to own this kind of baby item can be the price. This company sells many different types of cute diaper bags, accessories and even the old-fashioned sling. It pays to find the best price online for this brand of super-cute baby stuff.

What In The World Is A Sling?

Those who are new to the world of baby items may wonder what in the world a baby sling is. Although it sounds like some kind of baby-tossing machine, it is a type of baby carrier that women have been using since the beginning of time. Slings are fashioned out of comfortable yet durable material that resembles a pouch that is "slung" over the shoulder. The baby is carried in this pouch close to the mother's body. Think portable kangaroo pouch and you get a better idea of how a baby sling works.

Baby Slings Are The Perfect Alternative For Traveling Moms

The great thing about PPB  slings or any other brand of quality sling is having freedom of movement. The product  holds the baby safely while the mother or father have their arms free to shop or run errands. Even though infants are small, they can feel like they weigh a ton after holding them in your arms for hours and hours.  It takes pressure off the back, neck and shoulders during long outings. The best part about the design  is the fact that an infant will feel cozy and secure in this pouch-like environment.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Products On Sale

As with any popular brand name or designer, prices that are affordable can be a challenge. PPB  baby accessories are sold in many different places; from Nordstrom department store to  The prices vary quite a bit. Nordstrom sells the item for more than $70 dollars. offers the sling for under $60 dollars.

What is the difference in price? It appears that this brand name does what other top-notch designers do; they put out a new collection every season. The slings and diaper bags that cost less are typically patterns from the previous year. The sizes can also vary.

There are several baby item companies that sell PPB stuff online. Most of their prices run between $50 to $70 dollars for the sling. is cheaper, but may be limited to the style and size of baby sling they have available. However, the styles featured below are pretty and fashionable. What a great way to carry an infant around in style!

Petunia Pickle Bottom Corsican Blue Sling (Large)
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