Finding a good roommate is not easy. Everyone has their quirks and if you get stuck with the wrong person you could be in for a long and painful 12 months.

Home needs to be a peaceful place where you can relax. While it may be impossible to find the perfect roommate, there are some steps you can follow to help you find a good roommate.

Things You Will Need

A home or room to rent
A job to pay rent to a home owner

Step 1

Ask people you know.

Your friends are the best place to start. Tell all your friends that you are looking for a roommate. You would rather live with someone that knows a friend than a complete stranger. There is a better chance that you will have lots in common with this person.

Step 2

Advertise in your social circles.

Put up a ad in the places you go where you have things in common with other people. Examples are places like church and school. You will be more likely to find a good roommate when you advertise in places with people that you have things in common with.

Step 3

Use a roommate finder service. Go to websites like or to find someone to live with. When you use these sites you get to see a picture of the person you will be living with and read a little bit about them.

Step 4

Put an add in the paper.

If you don't have any other options, place an ad in the paper for a roommate.

Step 5

Interview them.

When you have the potential roommate over to check out the house, sit them down and ask them questions. Find out what they do for fun (party hard or read books). Are they clean or a little messy. Do they have people over a lot?

Step 6

Ask for references.

If you don't already know people who know this person, ask for 3 references. Call each reference and ask what this person would be like to have as a roommate.

Picking a roommate is no easy task. People are usually in a rush to find someone to live with and it can be easy to pick the wrong person. Start as early as you can in your search to find someone.

You should also ask for your friends help throughout the entire process. Ask them to help you find and interview potential candidates. Your friends will be able to notice things that you may not see during your interview.

Make sure talk about money with the potential roommate as well. Find out of they have a job and if they will be able to make their payments on time each month. They must be willing to sign a lease with you no matter what their circumstances are. Never take their word as being good enough.

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