Sometimes a skin moisturiser will give you undesirable effects when used, even if they have been highly recommended in skin care reviews. The reason for this is usually because you have chosen a moisturiser that does not go well with your skin. The first reason why it may not be suitable for your skin is that there are certain ingredients in the skin moisturiser that you are allergic to. You need to first have your skin and blood tested to determine what you are allergic to and if it is a serious condition. Some allergic hypersensitivity can be particularly debilitating and life threatening. If the skin moisturiser does contain this ingredient it is particularly concerning because moisturiser works by soaking itself into the skin and pores to deliver its moisture. You will probably notice a reaction within hours or minute such as a rash, discolouration or bumps along the surface of the skin. Be especially careful with a face moisturiser as the skin layer on the face is very thin and will react even more violently if there is a problem. If you are a person who is more sensitive to things in general, steer clear from skin care products based on petrochemicals or have a lot of fragrances that do nothing in terms of moisture. You may want to stick with natural skin care products if possible like creams that come from wheat and dairy products. What is most safe is to consult a dermatologist who will know what the best skin care products are for you situation.


The second reason that a skin moisturiser might not be fitting to your situation is that it is either too thick or too thin in terms of the amount of moisture it delivers. This can come from applying the wrong type of cream to the skin area it isn’t supposed to be applied on. A moisturiser for one part of the body might not be suitable for a different skin layer. For example an eye cream is usually more thin and delicate because the eye area is so fragile and thin, so you wouldn’t use an eye cream for body or face skin care as it would not be appropriately thick. A product will usually specify on its packaging or inside moisturiser reviews as to where it is most appropriate to apply. Generally the body needs the thickest types of products, whilst the face area has a lot of Sebaceous glands already producing oils so it doesn’t need a lot of product and too much will block pores and give unpleasant feelings. If you find that many skin care products are very thick towards your skin then you may want to apply less or look once again to natural skin care which generally is very light and easy on the pores. On the other hand, if you have very dry skin and many skin care products and skin moisturiser do not provide the necessary oils then first look at moisturiser reviews to see if there is anything thicker. If not look at your lifestyle and try to take less or shorter hot showers and avoid heaters.