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If you are moving to Las Vegas for the first time and will be needing an apartment there are may ways to find apartments for rent in Las Vegas. If you take your time and do proper research you can find an apartment that is not only affordable but is safe and clean.


CraigsList.org offers a lot of apartments for rent in Las Vegas. CraigsList has rapidly became the tool of choice for many apartment hunters. Not only can you use CraigsList to find an apartment or house to rent but you can also use the "FREE" section to find free items others are giving away to help stock your new rental. Many free items can be found daily on CraigsList including old couches and chairs.

CraigsList is also a great place to network with Vegas locals to see what they think about the various neighborhoods down there.

Las Vegas Review Journal

The Las Vegas Review Journal is the newspaper with the highest distribution in the Vegas Valley. The Las Vegas Review Journal can be a great source of rental apartments. You can either order a print copy of the newspaper or more preferably just check out there classified section on the Las Vegas Review Journal website located at LVRJ.com.

Las Vegas Sun

The Las Vegas Sun is another Vegas Valley newspaper that is widely circulated. The Las Vegas Sun has an easy to use website where you can search for apartments or if you are visiting Las Vegas prior to your move you can simply pick up a copy of the Las Vegas Sun.

Drive By

If you have the opportunity to visit Las Vegas before you actually move there then you can use the drive by method. When your are driving around town if you spot an apartment building you like you can simply call them up on your cell phone and get the pricing and also be able to set up a tour of the apartment buildings.

If it is Monday-Friday most of these apartment buildings can get you in for a tour the same day. Many of the apartment complexes in Las Vegas has a sales staff that work Monday through Friday during daytime hours.

Even if you are not planning on renting an apartment in Las Vegas the apartment tours can be a lot of fun. Many times they will drive you in a golf cart to visit a few different apartment layouts. This will give you the chance to see some of the various apartments available at the complex including the studios, 1 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, and even the 3 bedroom units.

Nevada Department of Health and Welfare

If you go to the office where they hand out the food stamp cards and applications then you can get access to a lot of low income apartments. At the Nevada Department of Health and Welfare you have a constant stream of low income locals. If you show up at the office and strike up a conversation with some of these locals you will learn about various apartment rentals that available and tend to be cheaper. These may be old duplexes or an apartment complex in a higher crime area. More importantly, these locals can point you out to lower cost rental units. They may be ugly and in a high crime area but if your are looking for a cheap rental apartment in Las Vegas then the food stamp off ice is the place you should go to talk with the locals.


Apartments.com is the proven leader in helping people find rental apartments not only in Las Vegas but all through out the United States.

With Apartments.com you can find various apartments available, floor layouts, apartment costs, as wells as pictures of the apartment interiors and 360 degree tours with select apartment properties. Apartments.com also has many informative articles to help you select the best apartment available to fit your needs and budget.


City-Data.com has an excellent forum for Las Vegas. When you go to the City-Data forum on Las Vegas you will be bale to interact with many locals. You can get free advice by making starting a post and asking for advice. You can tell them what you are looking for and the forum members will happily share with you there Vegas wisdom in helping you select the proper neighborhood to relocate your family to.

City-Data.com contains a wealth of information about Las Vegas. By using City-Data you can find not only the best apartment for you but also the best grocery stores to shop at. If you have a specific question regarding living in Las Vegas then the City-Data forums are a great place to get all of your questions answered.


When looking to move to Las Vegas there are many options available for apartments. From fully furnished luxury apartments within a gated community to low cost high crime neighborhoods. Regardless of what you need and want in an apartment you can find it with proper research before you move. There are also discounts you can find. Some of the apartment buildings will offer a discount to military members. If you are relocating to Las Vegas because of your military duty then check which apartments will give you a discount.

Many apartments in Las Vegas will offer a "move in' special where you can get moved in to your new apartment for as little as $299.00. If you have the money to pay up front your rental costs for 6 months then you may be able to negotiate a better rental rate.

At most of the apartment complexes in Las Vegas you will be required to fill out a rental application and they will run a credit check. If you have good credit then you will have more rental options available to you in Las Vegas then someone with a poor credit score.

Las Vegas can be a great city to live in as long as you properly research out your needs in advance. A safe, clean, and comfortable apartment building in Las Vegas makes all the difference in the health , happiness and welfare of your family.

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