When donating to a charity you want to make certain you are donating to an honest charity that is going to use your money the right way. Unfortunately there are scam artists who will pop up after a disaster and try to rip people off by soliciting charitable donations. This article will guide you on how to find an honest charity.

Things You Will Need

The time to properly research a charity before you donate your money.

Step 1

honest charity The first step to finding an honest charity is to contact the charity and ask what percentage of each dollar donated goes directly to the people the charity is helping. A legitimate charity will be able to give you this information quickly. If you contact a charity and they will not give you this information, or the percentage they keep for administrative costs is too high(such as anything over 30%) then find another charity to donate your money to.

Step 2

The second step is to check the charity's standing with the Better Business Bureau. Make sure the charity is listed with the bureau, and that they are in good standing. If the charity is not listed, or has complaints listed against them, donate to another charity who has a better track record.

Step 3

charity The third step to finding an honest charity is to request the annual report from the charity. An legitimate charity will be happy to send you this information as they will have nothing to hide. The annual report will list all the financial information for the charity. This is an easy way to verify that the charity is indeed giving away the money that is donated to them. Array

Tips & Warnings

There are people out there who will attempt to rip off people who are trying to do a good thing by making a donation to an honest charity. Make sure you follow the steps in this article before donating any money to a charity.