There are several ways to find Bible study topics without spending much money for the ideas you need. Some of the tools you probably already have at your disposal. These are suggestions you can use if you are teaching a Sunday School class or a weekly Bible study in your home. Or, you may simply be interested in studying the Bible on your own. Knowing how to find Bible study topics to use will help you be prepared no matter what your interest and reason for studying or teaching the Bible.

Bible Study Topics: Your Bible

Look in the Bible you currently own and you will undoubtedly find headings at the top of each page. These headings give you an idea of what is talked about in each chapter or on page of your Bible. If you were looking for Bible study topics from a particular book of the Bible, then listing these headings on a piece of paper would give you a road map of what is contained on each page of the book of the Bible you are currently looking at.

Some Bibles have an outline of each book at the first page of the book. You can get lots of Bible study topic ideas by scanning these outlines. Most Bibles don't have these outlines, but if you have a study Bible there will probably be some basic outlines and background information for each Bible book. Remember that these outlines are not inspired by God but are ways that people have tried to divide up the books for their own understanding. Therefore, you will find many different outlines in Bibles or on the web for the same book.

Bible Study Topics: Topical Bibles

There is a type of Bible called a topical Bible. Different topical Bibles are arranged in different ways, but basically they have the content of the Bible arranged by topic. One of the arrangement options lets you look up different topics and be able to read all the verses associated with the subject in one place without having to find each verse in the text of a regular Bible. Another arrangement is to not list the text of the verses but only show the references. This makes it easier to show one verse as it relates to many different topics. However, this requires that you have another Bible that you can use to look up the passages.

Most topical Bibles have a combination of the two methods. There are Bibles, like the Rainbow Study Bible, that have the regular Bible text with a color code for each verse. Each color is related to a certain topic. However, remember that these are usually very broad topics. The Rainbow Study Bible categorizes every verse of the Bible into just 12 different topics.

A semi-topical Bible is called a chain reference Bible. The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is probably the most well known of these types of Bibles. Beside the text of the Bible there are verses listed by topic. These are linked to verses forward and backward through the text of the Bible.

Bible Study Topics: Concordances

If you know you want to do a Bible study on a certain topic you can look in a concordance to find verses containing a certain words related to your topic. Because this is word specific, you may not find all the verses which cover the topic you are interested in. It helps to try to find synonyms for the topics and look up verses with those words as well.

There are pocket concordances which don't list every verse containing every word, but covers main words sufficiently well to give you Bible study topic ideas. Your Bible probably has a short concordance in the back.

The most comprehensive concordance is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible which lists every word in the text of the Bible plus tells you what the Hebrew and Greek words are that the English word is translated from. You can often find a copy on sale for around $20.00 to have on your bookshelf. Many websites, like, have the whole Strong's Concordance available for free.

Bible Study Topics: Bible Study Guides

Christian bookstores have many books with Bible study topics arranged by interest group or theme. You can spend a few minutes browsing the Bible study books in the store to give you the ideas you need. Having a small handful of these Bible study guides at home will supply you with many year's worth of Bible study topics. You can use them as they are or as launching points for other Bible study ideas.

Bible Study Topics: Commentaries

Commentaries are books that explain, or comment on, the text of Bible. Like Bible book outlines, these commentaries are not inspired but can give you a good set of ideas for Bible study topics.

There are some commentaries that are as detailed as explaining every word in every verse. However, most cover complete passages in each section of the commentary. Or they can go into little detail and cover whole books of the Bible per page of commentary.

Bible Study Topics: Websites

There are many websites which have a combination of each of the methods listed above for finding Bible study topics. While you may find the information you want on one website, be open to trying various websites to get the best Bible study topic ideas and details you need. has many commentaries available. They also have the full Strong's Concordance which you can search. Other sites like,, have more Bible translations to choose from and compare. Like, allows you to take notes which you can access from any Internet connection.

As you can see there are many ways to get Bible study topic ideas. Look through your own Bible to get started. You can look at Bibles belonging to friends and family members to get more Bible study options. After using resources at home, the Internet would be the next place to look before you have to start thinking about buying specialty Bibles or Bible study books to come up with new ideas.