If you love to create, but just can't afford the prices for art supplies, then you need to get creative with your shopping before you get creative with your work!

There are many ways to get cheap art supplies, and cheap craft supplies, you just have to take some time and really look.

Here are a few tips on getting cheap art supplies:

Garage Sales

Believe it or not, this is one of the best ways to get cheap art supplies, and also cheap craft supplies. Depending on the type of art or crafts you create, there can be a wealth of good quality artist supplies in garage sales.

Yes, you will have to get up early on a Saturday, but if you grab a coffee and the newspaper and check out the garage sales, you will be amazed. There will be garage sales with nothing useful, then there will be a jackpot

So many people will spend the money on art supplies and craft supplies, and then not do anything with them. They may have had the intention of painting a picture or knitting that sweater and just never got around to it, or decided it was not for them. These art supplies and craft supplies probably then worked their way to the basement to stay for a while, until they decided to have a cleanout and here they are in the garage sale for a few dollars!

You can do well if you offer for the whole box of art supplies. This may mean that you will have to pick through it when you get home, but they are more likely to deal with you, if you are going to take everything off their hands, rather than pick through.

Usually in a garage sale, they will have cheap art supplies in one box, and then cheap craft supplies in another. I have seen many garage sales with boxes of patterns and wool and then boxes of quilting squares and patterns, then boxes of artist acrylic paints and canvas. Any of these boxes full of supplies like that would cost you a lot of money if bought in the craft store.

So, rather than rifling through the box, pick one that best suits your needs and get a deal. I once bought a box of half used delta acrylic paints. I love this brand and even though there were many bottles almost finished, that I may not use, there were just as many full ones that had not been open. Plus painting instruction books and a canvas. Worth the 5 dollars I paid.

Reuse Center

This is another great place to source out cheap art supplies. The same goes as for above, many people will get all excited about starting a new art project or craft project and then realize it is not for them, and they will hardly have used the supplies.

Maybe they are not one for garage sales, so they clean out their basement and drop it off at the reuse center. So, it doesn't hurt to check them out once a week or so. Many times, things here are free.

It is fun sourcing out cheap art supplies and cheap craft supplies. It gives you a chance to try some different crafts without spending a lot of money, which for the creative person or the "starving artist" can be difficult.

So, get out their this weekend and check out the garage sales for some cheap art supplies, and it will feel like Christmas!