Are you looking for cheap but good make up brands? When I say cheap, I mean very, very inexpensive stuff; the kind of cosmetics that a young teen on a strict budget might be looking for. It can be very frustrating as a financially-challenged teen to see some of the cosmetic prices at department store makeup counters these days.

Because department store cosmetics carry very expensive brands, teens go to drugstores for lower prices. Although drugstore makeup is a lot less expensive than high-end department store stuff, I have noticed that many drugstore brands are going up in price too. Finding cheap but good cosmetics takes a bit of hunting around.

Finding Pretty, Yet Inexpensive Make Up Takes Experimenting

I love makeup. I am always making a beeline for any lipstick, eyeshadow or eye liner that comes in a great shade. I have spent years experimenting with different cosmetic brands. There is a big secret that cosmetic companies don't want us to know; expensive designer Beilizi Eye Shadow Pallette No. 6805Credit: Authors personal photomakeup can be no better than a cheap brand.Companies like Wet And Wild and Elf Cosmetics carry very good eyeshadows and lip products. Yes, a girl can look fabulous in cheap makeup.

Cheap Cosmetics Can Be Found At Beauty Supply Stores

Every once in awhile I visit beauty supply places to window shop.  Not only do beauty supply companies carry all kinds of hair products, most have cosmetics. One cheap but good brand of makeup that I have found is Jordana. Especially their lipsticks and lipglosses. For around $2 dollars, the product is surprisingly good.  Some beauty supply stores carry a huge assortment of lip colors by Jordana and other fashionable brands of cosmetics for cheap.

I Found Cheap Pretty Eyeshadow At My Local Dollar Store

Last week I made another cheap makeup discovery completely by surprise. I was at my local mall and stopped to window shop at a store called Dollar World. They had a brand of makeup that I have never heard about;  Beilizi.  The round pallette that I found by Beilizi contained 11 shades of absolutely gorgeous colors in a shimmery finish. I paid $1.99 for it and am amazed at the good quality of this inexpensive eye shadow.

I purchased the Beilizi pallette no. 6505. Although it might be discontinued, I am impressed at the amount of eyeshadow product this pallette has. It will last me a long time. Experimenting with different brands of make up can produce great finds like Beilizi. I wasn't able to find a direct website for this company, but there are several You-tube videos of women using Beilizi make up to create beautiful looks without spending major money.

Beilizi, L.A. Colors and Jordana are 3 brands worth checking out if you are on a budget but love cosmetics.