Finding a great value on a car GPS purchases is not something that is only reserved for the most technical or to those that have hours to wade through countless forums, blogs, or online retailers. All you need to do is pull together a little information from various places and then make the decision that is going to fit best with your needs in the moment.

Sometimes you will have to give up a little bit of quality to get a cheap car GPS, but this is not always the case and it certainly should not deter people from trying to find a solid GPS for their navigational needs. You see, car GPS units are a lot like watches - there are tons out there and they all do essentially the same thing, but there are high end versions that cost much, much more than a $5 one that you could buy at Walmart. Sure, a $5 watch might not look as good or have all the bells and whistles that a $5,000 watch might - but they both are going to be able to tell the time.

With GPS, there are high end models with loads of features and there are the more basic models that just get you from point A to point B. This doesn't mean that one of the basic models isn't worth the money, just that it isn't as good as another model you might find. It also means that if you want a cheap car GPS you are probably going to need to go with one of these more basic models or hunt bargain boards like a madman.

Either way, affordable car GPS is attainable for everyone.

Things You Will Need

Like most quests to find cheap electronics you are going to need the internet. If you are here you already have that covered and you don't need to go out and buy internet access for yourself. Even if you are in a public library or a friend's house you have all the internet you are going to need for this task.

Another thing that you are going to need is a little bit of time - maybe 30-45 minutes to surf the internet find out what GPS you are going to be looking for. I recommend going to one of the review compiler sights like alaTest. This will help you understand what a lot of different people are saying about a GPS.

Once you have figured out what GPS you want to buy, it is time to begin your price comparison work.

Step 1

Find out the current price offered by Amazon. Amazon is a huge retailer that offers hundreds of products in a variety of different categories. One of these categories is new, used, and refurbished navigation GPS. They are not always the lowest price out there, but they are generally on the low end of what you can find an item for. See how much Amazon is offering.

Step 2

Google the name of the your car GPS with the word "deals" added to the end of your search. This will probably bring up threads from such money saving forums as Fat Wallet as well as some of the other deal finding websites. Many of these deals will not be current but they should give you some idea of how low the particular car GPS you are looking has gone.

At this point you should have a good understanding of what the current price of the device is along with some of the lowest prices that the device has been offered at in the near past.

Step 3

Determine if a refurbished version of your device is available. Sometimes, refurbished GPS can be offered at a significant discount when compared to their "new" counterparts. While they are not always going to be cheaper than "new" when they are you can see savings between 20% and 50%. Refurbished GPS are just as good as their new counterparts and there is really no reason not to buy refurbished if you are looking to save some coin.

If you can find a cheap refurbished car GPS for less money than the lowest price you were able to find in step two you might want to seriously consider buying refurbished.
If you haven't found a really cheap car GPS then you just wait around until you find something that fits within your price range.

Tips & Warnings

  • Sometimes refurbished GPS units have hidden costs, like upgrading an old map, that can increase the price when compared to a 'new' unit that has free map upgrades. Be sure that you know the manufacturers policy on this before taking the plunge.