Getting Started with Cheap Home Office Furniture - Starting a home business can be fun, exciting and scary all at once. You are totally mixed with all these emotions, and you probably never felt this alive before right? Well now that you have your business idea, you need a spot in the house, but with little money, how can you get an office on the cheap? Well before you just dive in, and work from the kitchen table and drive the family nuts, you should consider a spot just for your business in the home.

 It should be somewhere with some natural light (if not invest in good daylight style lighting) and comfortable, remember you will be hanging out in it for many hours!

When setting up at home, you have to ask yourself these questions, before you decide what type of furniture to get.

Question #1 - Who will See It? Basically, is your business the type that will have clients coming to the house? If so, you will need to allow more of your budget to outfit your home for clients. beat up stuff will not look good in this situation, if you are going to have clients coming to the house.



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It can be hard enough to convince clients that your house, is also your business. But if you have an area set up just for you, and your client doesn't have to trip over kids boots to get to it, then you can shop for cheaper things, that is cheap in price but not in quality. You need to look somewhat put together.

In this case, you can search the business magazines "for sale" ads, and also contact wholesale business furniture outlets. They will quite often know offices that may be upgrading and are letting go or selling off their furniture. This would be one way to get good quality and yet affordable.

If you set up a home office to see clients, you also may need to spend some money from your budget on making that office as separate as possible from the rest of the house. If you see clients, they shouldn't have to trip over kids stuff, or have to walk through the kitchen full of dirty dishes. You may need to organize your house in such a way that a client can get to it quickly. Such as renovating a garage to an office for example.

Question #2 -  Do You Have Clients? If your type of business does not have you seeing clients at your home, then you can get the cheapest stuff you can find, but don't CHEAP out on the office chair. If you are going to be parked in front of a computer, then you need to get a decent chair or you will be hurting at the end of the day. So, cheap out on the desk or cabinets, but not on the chair. Plus don't forget the mat under the chair, unless you want to ruin the floor.

 In this case, you can get affordable if you really look. Now you don't want it to be falling apart, but one of the best places, is the reuse it stores, or second hand and thrift stores.

You can quite often get good quality furniture that just needs a bit of cleaning, or if you don't mind getting creative, you can paint it. As long as everything works, why not?

Make Your Own - Another way to create a home office environment, if you just can't find something affordable or don't want to pay the money, is to create a work surface yourself. You can do this with the purchase of two drawer filing cabinets, and then heading to the home improvement store, and purchasing a plain passage way door. Then you place this door across the 2 filing cabinets. That way you have an instant desk, and two sets of drawers! Maybe you have some left over wood kicking around home, you could do something similar with it. All you really need is something to hold it up, and I like the idea of the filing cabinets, but you could use those cheap shelving units.

 It might be a good idea to secure the door or wood to the drawers. This is also a great way to make a work top, if your business is something that has you creating, and you need a work area. You could then use larger filling cabinets, such as the 3 or 4 drawer deeper ones, and put the wood across them for a standup work area. This is still better than just getting that old kitchen table.

So, there are ways around setting up at home. In the first scenario, where you are meeting clients, then you need to create a decent, clean and well lit work area, but you will have to be more selective, and check out office sales to get good quality.

Since meeting people will be part of your business, then the budget will have to be a bit larger for the home office. You don't want a bunch of mismatched pieces of grubby office furniture when meeting a client.

But in the second scenario, you can save your money here, since no one is going to see your home office but you. Now saying that, you want something that is functional, well lit and still nice to work in, so you can get a bit more creative here and spend less.

Where to Find  - You can also go shopping online, with such places as Amazon as pictured above, Office Depot, and your local classified ads. It might be worth renting a truck to pick up any office furniture, especially if you get a good deal privately. There are many home offices that maybe didn't work out, or they want to upgrade furniture, so really check out those classified ads, and see what is available there.

 You could end up with a nice office on the cheap this way. If you don't mind checking out a few places. Kijiji is another great way to find office furniture. It is an online classifieds/want ads, as well as US Free Ads, is a great way to buy it as well. Otherwise, if you prefer to get new, but cheap, you can check out Office Depot and sites like that, they will even deliver.