A great Valentines Day gift is not necessarily an expensive one. In fact, there are lots of cheap Valentines Day gifts. If you take the time to really think about your partner's preferences and passions, you can offer her or him an unforgettable gift, without having to spend a lot of money on it. Here are just some ideas of great and cheap Valentines Day gifts.

Cheap Valentines Day Gifts – A Personalized Calendar

A personalized calendar is a great gift idea for your partner. You can illustrate every month with your favorite couple pictures and you can highlight the dates that are important for the tow of you. For example, you can mark your wedding day or the day when the tow of you met. Also, you can use the calendar like a romantic method to promise to your partner different things. For example, you can personalize a certain Saturday with words like "Tonight I'm taking you to dance". Also, if you're planning on getting married soon, you can use the calendar as a countdown for the big event.

Cheap Valentines Day Gifts – A CD With Your Partner's Favorite Music

Show your true feelings to your partner with a CD you made yourself. Your favorite songs, his or her favorite songs, your song as a couple – your partner will certainly be touch by your romantic gesture. You'll have the perfect Valentines Day, just dancing to your favorites' songs. You can also print a personalized cover for the CD, with a picture of the two of you and a message for your partner; these are amazing cheap Valentines day gifts that will definitely make him or her happy!

Cheap Valentines Day Surprises - A Homemade Cake

Sweets for your sweetheart – isn't that what Valentines Day is all about? And what's sweeter than something you mad with your own hands, just for your partner? These cheap Valentines Day gifts will impress him or her deeply. Make sure the cake has all the components it needs to be the perfect start for a romantic night: chocolate, cream and some cherries.

Promise Something Special To Your Partner As One Of The Cheap Valentines Day Gifts

Sometimes, the best gifts you can offer to the one you love don't cost anything. When you're in a couple, you know a lot of things about your partner. You know that he or she would love to spend more time with you, or for the two of you to start doing something together. A cheap Valentines Day gift idea is to write a letter to your partner, promising you will do something it's really important to him or her, whether it's going to dance classes together or spending every Sunday as a family.

Cheap Valentines Day Gifts-Make a Piece Of Art For The One You Love

You don't have to be talented; as long as it comes from the heart it will certainly impress your partner. Whether it's a drawing, a small sculpture or a piece of pottery, just do it with a lot of love. A great idea would be to make an artistic collage of all your favorite pictures together. Edit the photos a little, to make them more interesting: sepia, black-and-white and so on. Arrange them artistically, print them on a large piece of cardboard, and then frame the collage with a nice frame. You can add different texts to the pictures, declaring your love for your partner.

Make A Scrapbook Of Your Future Travels

You know your partner loves to travel and you want to offer him or her the world. Well, if it's not possible now, it doesn't mean it won't be possible in the future. A cheap Valentines Day gift is a scrapbook with postcards and pictures form all the places you dream of seeing together. This is a very romantic idea and it will show to your partner you are very serious about your relationship and you're ready to make long-term plans together.

Cheap Valentines Day Flowers And Balloons Arrangement

You'll certainly impress your date if you give her a flowers and balloons arrangement made with your hands. Just pick some fresh, beautiful flowers, a few balloons and some delicious candies and chocolate. Before blowing the balloons, put inside small candies, chocolates and lollipops. Also, write some love notes and put them inside the balloons. Then, arrange them together as artistically as you can and offer them to your date. She will certainly be impress, not only by the arrangement, but also by your effort and your love letters.