Find the Cheapest Flights

According to the NATCA (National Air Traffic Controllers Association) more than 87,000 domestic flights are in the skies at any given time, so its no wonder that many people want to know "how do I find cheap airline tickets?".

What’s even truer now than ever are people who are looking for value by paying less for more. This article will help you find domestic round trip flights on the cheap. The best times to look for dirt cheap airline tickets, the best sites and little known tactics to help you get the absolute lowest roundtrip or even one-way fare.

Fly Cheaply

Your Arrival And Departure Airport

Figure out the dates and the times you’d like to travel, starting with your departure and return. Get a good idea of the airports near your departure and arrival destination, keeping in mind that your cheaper flight might call for driving farther to or from your arrival or destination airport -and that any internet fare site or aggregator may not display those particular arrival or departure locations.

For example, if you are looking for dirt cheap airline tickets to Birmingham Alabama, consider flying into Atlanta,Georgia and driving an hour or so to your final destination in Birmingham for the cheaper fare. Or consider flying into a smaller less travelled airport. Many large cities have smaller air ports that aren't frequently travelled so look out for all airports not even the larger ones.

The Mightly Search-Stay Open to the Aggregators Often the Cheaper Alternatives for Flying

Many people will only check one or two sites. Your best bet will be to check several. That includes flight aggregators (ex: Kayak, Farechase, Sidestep, Farecast and Bing), which historically have the best deals. Flight aggregators don’t charge fees; instead they rely on advertising like adsense and other affiliate deals to make their money. Traditional booking sites (ex: Orbitz, Priceline and Expedia) charge small fees and make the flight transaction on behalf of the airline. Once you find a flight on an aggregator or traditional booking site, check the flight on the actual airline website-you may be able to find the flight even cheaper.


Try modifying your departure and arrival dates and even times. Weekend stays have always garnered cheaper rates, as does departing on the slowest days of the week Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Wake Up And Book'em Early

It has often been noted that airfares change three times a day as airlines lower prices to fill up flights. Early morning is the best time to buy tickets, but remember to check at least every five hours to snag the best deal and dirt cheap airline tickets.

Go International

If you are flying in and out of a major airport consider also adding a British Airline or  Virgin Atlantic to your search. These airlines are known to travel domestically as a layover before departing to its international destination. And the above airlines are notorious for lower domestic flight costs.

Go Slow

Take It Slow. Fly during the slowest times of the year. Traveling experts say that anytime between Labor Day and Thanksgiving are great ways to find dirt cheap airline tickets.

There you have it, above is the answer to "how can I buy cheap airline tickets". If you take your time, do the research and go the extra mile to get the cheapest air fair, you will do well.

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