When you are shopping for faucets, make sure you buy the products from manufacturers that also provide the customers with faucet repair parts. Even if you buy durable products, sooner or later your faucets will break. It’s only natural, since you and your family members use the faucets several times, each day. At some point, one of the valves or the handle will break, and you certainly don’t want to replace the entire faucet for just one small part. This is why it’s better to pay attention when you first purchase your bathroom and kitchen appliances. Make sure you get them from reliable, trustworthy manufacturers, which offer to customers not only a reasonable warranty period, but also the replacement parts they might need. When shopping for faucets, ask the seller or the manufacturers about the faucet repair parts normally available for the products you consider buying. Also, ask if you can find them in stores on regular basis. If the replacement parts for the faucet you intend buying are available only when you or the seller order them from the manufacturer and you have to wait for weeks before getting them, then they’re not too much use to you.

 Faucet Repair Parts By American Standard

American Standard line of products comes with a lot of faucet repair parts included. You can find proper replacement parts for all the elements of the faucet that usually break: handles, O-rings, cartridges, seat gaskets and springs. If you have faucets from American Standard, it will be easy for you to find parts you need. They are sold in almost all hardware store or you can shop for them online. When it comes to the actual replacement of the broken parts, make sure you follow all the manufacturer’s indications. Usually, repair parts come with clear indication from the manufacturer, showing you how to proceed for the replacement. If you don’t have the tools to do the job or you’re simply not a handy man, just ask a professional plumber to do it for you.

 Faucet Repair Parts From Home Depot

If you need some faucet repair parts, then Home Depot is one of the first places where you should be looking. Make sure you have all the details on the product you need to buy – manufacturer and model – then start searching for the part. If you don’t want to make a trip to the Home Depot only to see they don’t have what you need, it’s a good idea to check on their website or to make a phone call.

 Faucet Repair Parts – Cartridge

When it comes to faucet repair parts, the cartridge is one of the most solicited by customers. The cartridge is the part of the faucet that stays inside the handles and contains the two valves, one for hot water and the other one for cold water. If your faucets start leaking, then probably it’s a cartridge problem. Most faucet manufacturers on the market provide new cartridges to replace the broken one. Also, it’s pretty easy to take the broken one out and to install the new one – all you have to be careful about is not to damage the handles or the water supply lines.

 Faucet Repair Parts – Aerator

If your faucet has weak water pressure, both for hot and cold water, or if it has irregular spaying pattern, you need to change the aerator. Changing it is very easy: the aerator is the small piece at the tip of the spout that makes the water jet to have just the right pressure and straying pattern. In time, limescale builds on the aerator, and the flow of water becomes irregular and weak. In order to change the aerator, you need to unscrew the tip of the spout, to take the aerator from inside the detachable ring, to put the new one and to screw the tip of the spout back. It’s a two minutes job. Dry your hands and dry the spout before trying to unscrew the tip. If it’s stuck and you can’t take it off with your fingers, use adjustable pliers. Make sue you cover the spout with a cloth, to avoid scratching it with the pliers. Another faucet repair parts, the valves, are a little harder to replace. You need to turn the water supply off first, then to remove the decorative cover plate and the handles, to reach to the valves. Make sure you use the right tools for the operation and you don’t damage the other parts of the faucet.