You have brought home a couple of fish, and now you want to make them your own with names right?

You want something funny, but what funny pet names for fish, can you come up with? If you are drawing a blank, then here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

First of all, if these fish are to be pets for the kids, then let them name them. It is amazing the names that kids will come up with. It can be a great project for the kids, but if you want to avoid arguments, make sure there is one fish per child!. When you are picking the fish, try and find ones that are obviously different in size or color or shape, but of the same breed (we don't want anyone getting eaten before they get a name!) , so that each child can watch their own fish.

This can be hard with goldfish, but no two are exactly alike. So, as soon as you bring them home, and get them settled, decide who's is who's and let them think about funny pet names for fish. It will be truly amazing what they come up with.

If not, or no kids are involved, and you want funny pet names for your fish, then here are some ideas to help you come up with:

where did you buy the fish?

You can use the salesperson's or the town or the name of the store. We bought a fish at "Wallies pet store" so, guess what? its name is Wally. We also bought a fish at Zoro's pets, so guess what? Its name is Zoro.

Stare at the fish, what comes to mind?

Once he is swimming around your tank, just watch him, and let names come to mind. It can be anything. What month is it? name him the month. What is your boss's name? If he is a mean looking fish, what was that bully's name back in school? Teacher's names? Take the breed of the fish and shorten it? Try adding a "y" or "ie" to any names you come up with, see how that sounds.

Just let your mind wander, and you are bound to come up with funny pet names for fish. But if you just can't, and you are drawing a blank, then here are some of the most common funny pet names for fish (as per a pet store salesperson), not necessarily funny, but typical fish names:





Kids Names

Angel (angel fish)

Goldie (gold fish)

barb (tiger barbs)

Timid (shy fish that hides all the time)

piggy (eats everything in site)

Horoscope signs

Horoscope signs work well as funny pet names for fish too. Look at the date you bought your fish, and figure out what the horoscope sign is, as this will be your fish's birthday, and can also be his new name.

Cartoon characters

Cartoon characters work well too. Do you follow a comic strip? Any names come to mind from there: Favorite Saturday morning cartoons? The funnies in the Sunday paper? Does your new fish remind you of anyone?

let friends pick the name

If you don't have kids, let the neighbors kids or nieces and nephews pick a name, or next time your friends are over, let them come up with a name.

A great way to do this with friends, is to get them to say a name that they come up with, within 30 seconds of seeing the fish. This will be a name truly off the top of their head. These can be really funny pet names for fish.

You will know whether it is something that will stick. As the names are yelled out, the name will either stick with you or not. No major thinking should be done to truly come up with funny pet names for fish.

My son, did this with his fish. The first name that came to mind within 30 seconds of thinking about it was "Norman". He has no idea where that came from, but decided it must be the right name for him. He is a large slow moving fish, and Norman just came to mind. Everyone always asks him how he got the name, he has no idea, but it suits this fish!

So, next time you buy fish, and are trying to come up with funny pet names for fish, just clear your head and write down the first thing that comes to mind. Anything, it could be what you ate for dinner, or need to go an do, anything, just write it down. Then play with the words, add some together, or take away letters, you will come up with a funny pet name.

My fish in my outside pond's name was "Oliver" have no idea why, but the name stuck. Turns out Oliver should really have been Olivia! since more koi fish were born, so now I have a pond full of fish, so I always say "I am going out to feed Oliver and the crew". It does sound more personable then just "feeding the fish". I am sure Oliver knows his name, because I can call him and he comes to the surface first and then the "crew" follow.

Funny pet names for fish, are fun to come up with. Cats and Dogs are not the only pets being named, funny pet names, anymore. People have all kinds of pets these days, ferrets, birds, snakes, reptiles.. They all deserve a name. You know it will be the right one, the way it sounds when you say it. Now your pet fish will have a personality and a name to go with it!

If you get really stuck, even after trying all the above ideas to come up with a funny pet name for your fish, then do some searching on the internet. There will always be some funny pet names for fish on there. But coming up with your own funny pet name is the best. You don't want one the same as everyone else, so write out that list and then play with the words, moving them around spelling them backwards, anything to come up with an original funny pet names for your fish.