Many people believe that finding good affiliate products to promote is an easy task. However, this may not be the case as there are so many products or services to sell online or offline for a commission, it has become hard to identify quality and profitable options. There are numerous hard or digital affiliate products available but the key question is if they can generate a decent income.

The first and most important step to consider in evaluating an affiliate service or product is to use or test it yourself. If this option appears too expensive or time consuming, then you have to look for "evidence" of quality and reliability. This is easier said than done. In an ideal world, you need reliable feedback or data from current affiliates that provides information on popularity, sales volume (units or dollar), refund rate and any other available ratings. Your objective is to gain a level of comfort such that you believe in the product and you are comfortable, better yet, enthusiastic to promote.

Luckily, there are a few online sources that will help and guide in your evaluation process. First you can hit this directory of affiliate programs,, ran by long-time affiliate veteran Alan Gardyne. However, the sources I prefer the most are and because their provide good metrics to properly evaluate the popularity and income potential of an affiliate product. The former provides information on programs ranging from retail products to financial services. The latter is a source focused on digital products. To access the goldmine of information these two sites offer, you need to open an account.

There are tons of affiliate programs available online and determining which is best for you is really a matter of personal preference. If you want to succeed at promoting an affiliate product you have to be excited about its features and benefits, which will allow you talk about it in a passionate, genuine and natural way, a winning approach in a selling process. Take the time to not only study the product itself but also the terms and conditions of the affiliate offer such as, commission rate, payout terms, type of promotion method allowed, etc..

Another great way to find good affiliate products to promote is to attend “parties” where products are presented and sold. If you find some product that you would love and be comfortable selling, ask the seller if an affiliate program is available and how you can join. Common events include any type of "Tupperware" party such as Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, Jenny Craig or Avon. Although the majority of the people promoting these products are women, men can also become affiliates and be successful.