graco replacement parts

If you own any Graco products, or you have been given some of their products for your new baby, then you may need Graco replacement parts at some time or another. They have a good supply of replacement parts for all of their products, but you need to make sure you have the exact product first.

The first thing you need to do, is figure out which model of Graco products you have, in order to get Graco replacement parts. If you are unsure of your model, here is how to find it:

Graco Replacement Parts Model Number

First, find the ID label. This is a little white label usually underneath products such as Graco High chairs. Once you have located the little white label, it should contain the model number, serial number and the manufacturers date. These are important in order to get the right Graco replacement parts.

With Graco Strollers, the id label is usually under the rear leg or under the footrest. So, you may need to go searching. Don't be afraid to really go looking if you are purchasing a second hand Graco product.

With Graco Car Seats, the id tag is on the back of the seat or the bottom. It is not very big, so you really need to have a good look, but it contains all the information you will need in order to get everything from Graco replacement parts to more information or instructions.

If you cannot find the label. check with their website and under the replacement parts section, they will tell you where to look for the little white label, depending on the product you own.

Product Manual

If you were given your Graco product, by a friend or purchased it second hand, you may not have any information or instructions for your Graco product. You can order a manual based on the model of your Graco. This is really handy, you can then find out what Graco replacement parts there are for your Graco product.

Register Your Product

When you first buy your product, you should register it, this way you can be kept up to date of any changes or parts you may need to keep your products safe.

Check at Store You Purchased From

You can also check back at the store you purchased from, for Graco replacement parts, but most times it is best to contact the manufacturer either by phone or on the website. Their website is very easy to follow, and you should be able to get your genuine Graco replacement parts sent to you.

Second Hand

When purchasing your Graco products second hand, try and find the little white label, it will have the date of manufacture, and then you can find out if there are any Graco replacement parts still available for this model. This is something you need to watch for if you are considering purchasing a second hand product, and it is much older. Depending on how old your product is, you may not be able to get Graco replacement parts. This is something to consider for the safety of your baby.