Iron beds give a distinct "retro" feel to a bedroom.  Wrought iron furniture is again coming into style with grand looking king and queen sized beds made with classy designs that bring back an era long forgotten.  Ancient civilizations have been using iron for millennia and, now combined with modern design, iron beds are made for comfort and style. You will find a wide selection of metal beds so you will have no shortage of options.  This flexibility makes choosing a piece for your bedroom easy, if you know what you are looking for. If not, then it could pose a daunting task.  The following is a guide on how to filter through the choices and find a suitable bed.

Establish a Budget and Keep to It

First decide on your budget. Depending on the kind of bed you are after, your budget could range from very small to grandoisely big, depending on your priorities for bedroom furniture. Remember, it is always better to fit the bed to your budget and not vice versa.

Iron BedsCredit: Abi SkippCredit: Abi Skipp

Bed Size

After determining monetary budget, carefully decide the desired size bed. If you have a queen sized bed in your room already and you and your spouse are comfortable on it, then get the same size in a different material.  If you want to try for something bigger, make sure your room can accommodate a larger size.  If you are not sure, it is always safer to measure the space you have for cupboards, your desk, and other bedroom furniture.  When you are happy with the size you have chosen, you can move on to choosing an iron bed.

Bed Frame Height

Decide how high you want the bed to be.  Sometimes you can raise a readymade bed by adding a few more inches of metal.  If you want to be able to store items underneath the bed, it makes sense to have at least ten inches of space from the bottom piece to the floor.  Allowing for space under the bed is a smart and economical move.  By raising a bed higher you can store trunks, suitcases, and even small boxes and save on storage space.  

Aesthetics: Style and Design

Finally, consider the design of the room and find the kind of design that would suit it best.  If your room has a traditional feel, you would want to match that with a bed with a vintage appearance to match it with ease.  Many iron and brass beds have a traditional look to them that do not necessarily match modern bedrooms.  If you have a bedroom with a modern touch, you might want to consider metal beds that are made without the traditional wrought iron designs.