There are so many choices to choose from to provide your pet and his diet. It is hard to what brand to choose, what ingredients does my dog need? What is better, the dry or the canned? How do we know? Is our dogs diet even that important? Of course they are!

It is through your dogs diet that keeps him happy and healthy. A healthy diet dog food will give your dog a healthy coat, strong bones and a keen mind. What you're feeding your dog affects his digestive system and how well he will absorb nutrients

We are going to list some good guidelines to help you choose a healthy dog diet food.

First speak with your vet. Your dog may have health issues that need to be addressed by his diet.

Look carefully at the ingredients on the package. Just because it is marketed with beautiful packaging, doesn't mean that it is healthy for your dog.

The ingredients should first list meat such as beef, pork, lamb, chicken or even seafood. Then there should be carbohydrates such as wheat, corn, barley, rice, and there should also be vegetables listed, such as carrots, beans, and squash. You do not want a dog food made of fillers and a little bit of meat.

Is your dog small, medium or large? There are foods based on your dogs size because a large dog will have to eat a lot of food that is made for tiny dog. And a tiny dog will have a hard time eating the big chunks of food meant for a large breed.

A healthy dog diet food is also formulated toward the age of your dog. If your dog is a puppy, the puppy food has extra nutrients needed for their growth and building strong bones and tissue. A senior dog will need a formula made for them.

Please find a reputable brand. There are so many generic brands on the market. This is the staple of a healthy dog diet. You want to get a brand that stands behind their product and only uses the best. Look to see if there is "by-products" and "bone-meal". These are parts of the animal that do not make up a healthy dog diet

Is your dog active and fit, or is your dog overweight and a bit inactive? This is also a factor when choosing a healthy diet dog food.

Your pet deserves a healthy dog diet food, the best you can provide. They are totally dependent on you to take care of them. They are doing everything they know to take care of you. Don't give them table scraps. This only makes them lose the appetite for the food that is meant for him to build a healthier body. Scraps not only are empty calories but can be harmful to your dog. The risk is just not worth it.

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