A Couple of Great Ways to Find Out this Information

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Knowing if you offer excellent customer service is the first step to deciding what needs to be improved or changed in your current approach.  It's important that you clearly understand identify the areas in which you do not currently offer the best customer service possible.  If you currently do, then ... "WELL DONE!"  If you don’t, well then you at least know where you are starting from.  Actually, to be honest, if you are currently offering the best customer service possible, I would argue it isn't ever possible to offer the 'best' service to clients - it's something that is in a perpetual state of improvement.

The basics to finding out what level of customer service you offer is pretty simple, yet it can take:

1) some time

2) a little bit of communication with your customers

3) working with your staff

Outlined below are the first couple of steps in finding out how good (or not so good) the customer service is that you currently offer.  Like most of the tips I talk about, they involve simplicity and common sense.

Step 1: Talk to your customer.

The first thing you need to do is talk to your customers, as after all - they are the ones who are using your service or buying your product.  The way in which you ask customers this question can be done in a number of ways, depending on your business or service.

This can include sending an email saying you are looking to improve customer service.  Business owners could also give them a quick call if there is a good relationship with individual clients.  Be aware that if the person used your service a long time ago, email is the best option, as no-one wants to get a call from a company that they can't remember about, asking about a random occurrence from a long long time ago!

When talking to people you have done or currently do business with, keep your questions short, to the point and keep a record of what the they say.  No point doing it if you can't remember the valuable info they tell you.  You could also consider getting your conversations transcribed by a quality transcription provider, as you can use these transcripts later to help ensure you are really getting to the core issues.

Step 2: Put the results together.

Once you have talked to your customers, you then need to actually do something with the information you get back from them.  This is where something as simple as a Google form can be really useful.  You can input the information into the Google form and then quickly get a whole bunch of stats from your feedback.  It is really useful, very user-friendly (even to business owners who aren't incredibly tech-savvy) and as long as you have asked the right questions when talking to your customers you should have all the data you need to get started with improving your customer service.

An Added Benefit of This

A positive byproduct of this process is that your customers will really like the fact that you are proactively looking for ways to raise standard levels at your company.  It's not really the aim of it, but is an added benefit nonetheless.  Talking to your peeps and then putting the results into an easy to interpret form is the best way to move forward with your goal of being a beacon of exceptional customer service in your industry.

Once you know how you're tracking, you'll be able to implement the changes I've talked about in other articles and go, "Whoop whoop!" with the results.