Find Information On Numbers That Have Called You

Sometimes, when you have missed a call on your phone, you will probably want to know who has called before you return the call. You may not even want to return the call once you know who has been trying to reach you. There are several things you can do to try and find out who has been calling you, before making a call to someone you don't know.

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How to Find Out Who Has Called You:

1. If the number was to your land-line, first try entering the number in your cell phone and pressing the green button to dial. Quickly hit the red button to prevent the call connecting. This will stop you from being charged for the call. This process should bring up the name of any friends or acquaintances attached to the number that called you. The name and number will be stored together in the phone book of your cell phone and be displayed when you attempt to call the number.

2. If the number is from a land-line, you can narrow down the possibilities of who might have called you by looking up the area code online. Check which city or area the phone number originates from. Think of anyone you know in that area who may have tried to call you. You can confirm whether you are right by looking up that person's contact details in the book where you keep these details written down.

3. Another thing you can try, after you have exhausted your personal contact lists, is to go online to do more research. Do a search for reverse phone directories. There are free services for land-line numbers, but you may have to pay for one that provides details for calls made from cell phones. To use these services, all you have to do is enter the number into a search field and the service should supply the name and address of the person, or company, that called you.

4. If you don't already own one, buy a landline telephone with caller ID (caller identification) and the ability to store your own list of names and numbers. That way you will know straight away if the call is from someone you know well and want to talk to.


Make sure you constantly update your personal contact records to help you identify who phone calls are coming from. It is also a good idea to keep a decent land-line reverse number website in your bookmarks or favorites for easy future reference.

Some free reverse number websites make their money by collecting data which they can sell to marketing firms. Sites claiming to be free for cell phone information are usually scams. They will probably not give the information you require anyway.


By using a combination of these tactics you may well be able to find out who has called you free of charge.