Houston is home to George Bush International Airport, known on your luggage tags as IAH. It is the home base of Continental Airlines and more than 700 flights leave IAH daily from Continental and 16 other airlines. Affectionately referred to as a "city within a city", IAH has its own onsite hotel, loads of restaurants and shops, WiFi, a chapel, and lots of parking options. To say that the Houston Airport is large, is quite a blinding understatement. With more than 43 million passengers going through IAH each year, there are lots of folks looking for parking. It can be frustrating with so many people all looking for the same thing; a better parking spot, that's closer to the doors, cheap, and easy to find, --both there and back.

IAH is designed in a horseshoe shape and there are parking garages within the center of the "horseshoe". Be sure you know which of the five terminals you will be flying from. You can find out which terminal by calling the airline or travel agent who booked your ticket. A few other things you can do to make your IAH parking experience a little less hectic, starting with proper packing! Get organized, make a detailed list of what you need, make sure you pack everything before you go. The less time you spend worrying over what you forgot to bring, the less you'll be stressed while you try to find a good Houston Airport parking spot. Follow the tips below for less stress, and a more convenient parking process.

1. There are more than 25,000 parking spaces available directly at IAH and you can see a map of the terminals and parking by going to the official website at http://www.fly2houston.com.

2. You can also learn more by calling the airport directly at (281) 230-3100. The Houston Airport System also offers an economy lot near the airport with a free shuttle to the airport. To learn more about SurePark, call (281) 233-1730.

3. There are also off-airport options for parking. Some of the companies offer valet parking, car wash service, and more. Definitely check out websites such as AirportParkingConnection.com compare rates, services, and, most importantly, distance from airport.

4. After parking, write down your parking stall number and stash it in your wallet. Then, consider spending a few dollars for a luggage cart rental. It makes the walk through the large terminals much easier, especially if you have anything more than a briefcase or a purse. Lastly, don't forget to save some of your travel money to pay for parking at the end of your trip. The IAH parking lots accept cash and most major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, and most of the off-airport lots also accept credit cards and cash.

For more tips on how to save both time and money the next time you visit Houston try http://www.airportparkingconnection.com to find the best rates for IAH parking.