As all parents know, finding a place for every item your children own is almost mission impossible. You really need some serious toy storage solutions. Keeping the house clean and neat is extremely hard when you have kids: Lego pieces, dolls, cars, books and stuffed animals can be found in every corner and under every bed or sofa. And, of course, new and new items are bought all the time – it’s very hard to resist when a child asks you for a new toy. Don’t worry: there are also answers to your problem. You need to get the right storage solutions for all those toys. When picking boxes, shelves and other items to store children’s items you need to consider a lot of factors before deciding what to get. You have to think about your child’s favorite toys: are they big, are they small, are they construction blocks or toys? Get some storage items that will allow you to store your child’s favorite toys as handy as possible. If he or she loves to play with cars, a few shelves on a wall, where the child can reach, are the perfect toy storage solution. If your little one loves to build and you floor is covered with construction blocks, then you need some boxes to organize all that stuff.

Toy Storage Solutions – Organize The Toys On Categories

One of the secrets that will help you to keep your children’s toys well organized is to put them on categories. All kids have favorite toys and periods when they play only with certain toys – and the right toy storage solutions take those characteristics into account. If you have one or two big boxes and you put all the toys inside, your child will empty them to find a certain car or doll. Instead of a few big boxes, you should get a lot of small boxes – there are small boxes made of textile materials with metallic structure, which you can assemble together, so they will look like a small piece of furniture. This way, you’ll have one box for cars, another one for animals, a different one for dolls and so on. Put the boxes with the toys used frequently by your child on top, so he or she can find them quickly, without going through all of them. It’s a little harder when you arrange them for the first time or after a play date: it will take you some time to sort and arrange all the toys on categories. However, once you did this, it will be much easier for you to keep the child’s room and the entire house clean well organized.

Toy Storage Solutions – Pocket Hangers

Pocket hangers are extremely useful when it comes about organizing toys. You can find pocket hangers of all dimensions and you can fit them inside the closet, in small spaces, that otherwise are lost. Pocket hangers are the ideal toy storage solution especially for small items, which is perfect, since small items are the ones that create big problems. With pocket hangers, you have the perfect place for all small toys, accessories and collectibles your child has.

Toy Storage Solutions – Shelves

Shelves are a creative way to use the walls from children’s rooms and transform them is storage spaces. You can build shelves of all dimensions and shapes. The good part about storing toys on shelves is that the child sees them all and he or she will take only some of the items, without making a big mess and throwing all of them around the room. You can put almost any toy on shelves, from books and stuffed animals to cars, trains, robots and so on. If your child also has a lot of small items and collectibles, organize them in boxes you can also put on the shelves. So, shelves are perfect toy storage solutions for almost all children’s rooms.

Toy storage solutions – Under The Bed

Storing toys under the bed will save you a lot of space. If your child’s bed doesn’t have some build-in drawers, you can build them yourself or you can hire a carpenter to do the job. Instead of one or two big drawers, you should make more, smaller ones, to help you organize better all the toys. Make sure the drawers are safe for the child: big ones are dangerous, since a small child can fit inside and remain stocked in there.