The reputable work at home website Rat Race Rebellion features an extraordinarily helpful spread sheet (see the link on their homepage), which compares and contrasts the pay rates and other key features of over seventy companies that hire employees for legitimate work at home jobs that involve using your phone.

Things You Will Need

You will need a working phone, computer and headset.

Step 1

In addition to each company's pay rates, this free, publicly available chart includes other useful information, such as: whether you would be considered an employee or an independent contractor; whether you will be making calls (outbound) or receiving them (inbound); whether you need to have your credit or background checked; whether you will be providing customer service, or telemarketing, or setting appointments for sales people; and last, but certainly not least, whether the training for the job is paid or not.

Step 2

Many people seeking legitimate work at home jobs are exceedingly grateful to the kind, generous people who put in the time, research and due diligence necessary to create this incredibly detailed and informative document (and to update it as needed), because when you have the opportunity to see all of these key facts laid out in one central location, you can make a much better informed decision as to which companies could potentially be a good match for you.

Step 3

If you have previously worked in a call center setting, then you already have an excellent idea of what is involved in working this kind of home job. (You may be required to purchase a headset in order to perform your job duties effectively.) To work successfully in this field, it helps to be an upbeat, outgoing "people person" who enjoys talking on the phone with a wide variety of people who run the gamut personality-wise.

It also helps to have an abundant supply of patience, because some of the people you will be talking to may need your step-by-step help and guidance with a specific company service or product. So, if you are skilled at keeping your cool in all kinds of situations (including when customers become upset), and if you have a peaceful home environment where you will not be frequently interrupted and customers will not hear a lot of background noise, you may want to strongly consider this type of legitimate work at home job.

Tips & Warnings

Working home phone jobs requires a quiet home office, with no barking dogs or crying children in the background. If you want to learn more about this subject, you may want to read this article, as well as this piece.