All the parents know that he stroller is the one of the items you use the most, when you have small children. Actually, most parents use the same stroller for two or three babies. That’s only natural, since strollers are quite expensive. But, if you use a stroller for two or three years on a row, some of the components will break, and you need new stroller parts to replace them. After you paid a few hundred dollars on an expensive stroller, you certainly don’t want to throw it away and get a new one, just because a wheel broke. Most stroller brands also offer you stroller parts, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to find the replacements you need.


How To Order The New Stroller Parts You Need

When you are shopping for a stroller, especially if it’s an expensive one, you need to ask the manufacturer if you will be able to find stroller parts to replace the ones that broke. You should only buy those models that offer you replacements for all the important parts of your stroller. Most stroller brands offer you new stroller parts to replace broken ones. However, you don’t generally find them in stores. You have to order them directly to the manufacturer. To place the order, you need the model number and manufacture date. You can find those details on the package of the stroller or located directly on the stroller. Generally, the parts are available on the website of the manufacturer, on the customer support page. Once you place the order, you will probably have to wait for a few days for the stroller parts to arrive. It’s a good idea to check the customer support page for more information on the available replacements before actually purchasing a certain model.


What Stroller Parts You Will Probably Need

The wheels are generally the first ones to crack, so it’s very important to make sure that the manufacturer sells them separately. The brakes are extremely solicited while maneuvering the stroller, and they wear off easily. Since the brakes are essentials for safe rides, you need to make sure they are in good condition all the time. Ask the seller or the manufacturer how long it takes to have new brakes, in case the ones from the stroller break. If the stroller has an umbrella or a waterproof cover, they are very likely to be destroyed, over time, by sun and rain. You shouldn’t buy a stroller, unless the manufacturer offers you the possibility to replace those accessories. Also, the snack tray, the footrest and the safety belt are quite sensitive areas from your stroller. The detachable cover can cause you problems. If you wash it a lot, it could shrink and discolor, or it can get so stained that it will be impossible for you to clean it.


The Price Of Stroller Parts, Very Important

The fact that the manufacturer offers you stroller parts for the stroller you intend to purchase it’s a good thing. But, if those parts are very expensive, it won’t be worth it changing them. If the stroller costs you $200, and replacing a single wheel is $20 (and you don’t have to replace just one – you will probably have to replace all four of them), it doesn’t make any sense buying such expensive replacement parts. You need to find this information prior to actually purchasing the stroller. Ask the seller and check the manufacturer’s website for the price of the parts and pick models that offer you convenient replacements.


How To Replace Broken Stroller Parts

Buying stroller parts is just half of the job. You also need to take the old, broken ones down and to install the replacements. This is generally an easy operation and anyone can do it. When you order the new parts, ask the manufacturer to send you details on how you can install them. After you complete the task, you need to check if the new parts do the job as they are supposed to and if the stroller is safe. Put something on the stroller, an object that has about the same weight as you baby, and move the stroller around, to make sure that all the parts are functioning properly.