With so many different mouse pads out there, how are you going to choose the one that is best for you. Well let me take you on a step by step journey to choosing some of the best ones out there right now. First of all mouse pads come in many different sizes, forms, but most importantly prices. So you will need to establish a price you will want to pay in order to get the one that is the best for you. Once you have established your price you can move on to actually doing the selecting of the mouse pads to see which ones are suiting you the most. So lets start out with some basics that will get you on your way, there are many different uses for a mouse pad that you can apply. For instance there is the average computer user who uses it once in a while, they are probably not even reading this because for them any mouse pad will do since they use the computer only a few times a day, if that. Next we have the average business person who uses the computer much more, they will need something more comfortable or elegant. Maybe a leather mouse pad would do for them, this would be a good choice because you aren't spending long hours holding the mouse so it is fine if you get something like this. Then we have the gamers, at this point it gets a lot more complicated because you are now dealing with bigger aspects. There is the first person gamer who will need a large mouse so they can move it around without picking it up, this is very important. Next we have the role player who spend long hours moving around the mouse, this person needs something that will keep their wrist healthy for a long time, so something with a wrist wrest for example. This would also apply to a graphic designer or anyone who spends long hours holding and moving around the mouse because your wrist can be easily damage if you don't pay attention to this part. So make sure you are looking out for that. The reason why I said to pick a price is because it can vary quite a lot if we are looking at something more advanced. So good luck and I hope this guide helped you out somewhat when it comes to mouse pads.