Do you have trouble choosing the right baby gift to celebrate the birth of a newborn?  Well, here are eight ideas that will help you choose a gift for your upcoming baby shower or for that brand new addition to the family.  There are gifts that help parents rear the child and there are gifts that can be saved for generations.  The following are gift ideas to consider:

1.   Baby Carrier.  You can get the cloth type that wraps around the mother or father and      straps to the body.  Framed carriers are also available which provide back support for the parent carrying the baby.

2.   Stroller.  Strollers come in a variety of styles.  To name a few you have the standard,      lightweight, jogging, umbrella, double and triple models.

3.   Car Seat. A car seat is required by law in all 50 states for children under 7 years of  age.  A rear facing car seat is required and is to be placed in the back seat of the car.  Infants under 20 pounds will need a smaller car seat than car seats designed for children age 1, 20 pounds, or over.  A car seat with a carry bar is a nice feature that parents will love.

4.   Stationary Activity Center.  Walkers are very popular but stationary activity centers      are safer and more practical.  Stationary activity centers keep the baby in a safe location and allow for hours of playtime.  The baby can kick her feet around and has full mobility of her arms.  The seat usually swivels.  Some models have music, light, and sound.  Toys are attached to the upper level of the activity center.  Stationary activity centers should be used when the child has full control of her head and neck.

      The gifts I mentioned above are all practical gifts.  Now I will give you gifts ideas that I classify as gifts from the heart.

5.   Engraved Sterling Silver Items.  These items can be engraved with the baby's name or initials.

           a.  Sterling silver baby cup

           b.  Sterling silver 2-piece infant-toddler feeding set (fork and spoon)

           c.  Sterling silver dumbbell baby rattle

6.   Books on Babies.  There are many books for the mother and/or father.  When my sister had her first baby, I got her a book which answered many of her questions.  She became so frustrated with her inability to produce milk the first day of her daughter's birth.  The book explained the possible reasons for the delay and offered suggestions to encourage the process.  These books are stress reducers, they are reassuring, and they make the parent feel that he or she is not alone.

7.   Monogrammed Baby Blankets or Clothing.  Choose an item that will bring joy to you and to the baby's parents each time the monogram is seen with his first initial, three initials, first name, or all of the letters of his name on the blanket or clothing.

8.   The Ultimate Gift.  Being a Godparent.  Traditionally, godparents were responsible      for the child's spiritual education.  If both parents were killed, the godparents would become the child's parents.  Nowadays a godparent takes a personal interest in the development and upbringing of the child.  As with tradition, if both parents are killed, the godparents become the child's parents.

      Whether you are asked to be a godparent or not, you can love the newborn of your friend or family member for life.  You will care about his or her interest because you love the baby.

      You do not have to spend a great deal of money to get the parents a gift for their baby.  My references are online references.  Do your research online.  You can also look for these items locally.  It is great to have the option to purchase your gift locally or online. 

    In conclusion, let this article prompt you to think of additional ideas.  If you cannot think of any, use my list to get that bouncing baby boy or girl a gift that will be treasured by the parents and the child for years to come.


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