Finding inspiration

Ever wonder how others have so many things to write?  Of course there are the "machine-type" writers who churn out article after article, faster than you can read them!  They must be born with such talent.  On the other spectrum, there are those who can't find anything to write.  Most of us would be the "average" writers.  So, how to find topics to write?  Where to find ideas to put into words?  Simple.  Do you know, you can write on almost anything under the sun?  Even seemingly very trivial and unexciting idea, experience, encounter, or anything for that matter can be turned into a literary gem.  Expand on the idea, and use "side stories" to add spices on a seemingly dull subject.  Put in a joke here and there. And before you realized, the article would come to about 500 words.

Before we can start writing, we must have an idea of what we are going to write.  Where to get the inspiration at the right place and at the right time?   More often than not, when you attempt to start writing, you see blank in front of the screen.  Inspiration does not usually coincide with the time you decide to write.  Inspiration sometimes comes in a flash and then you forget about it.  Throughout the day, our thoughts are ongoing.  You can develop a good habit to be aware of your thoughts, and seek out ideas when they flash pass your mind.  This is the time when you must take action. 

My little "millennium" note book

My little "millennium" note book

Always write it down.

Once you "see" a viable topic in your mind, you must immediately write it down. Never mind whether the topic is going to be interesting or not. Just write the thought down. This is your inspiration "investment." When you develop this "jotting down" habit, you will find in no time, interesting ideas keep coming at the most unexpected time. So you must have with you, at all time, wherever you go, a pen and a small notebook, notepad, or piece of paper, ready to jot the ideas down once they flash pass your mind. If you can't do that outside, at least at your workplace or in your home, be ready to write down immediately. If you don't, then most likely the idea will be forgotten.  I am sharing this valuable idea from my own experience.

Believe it or not, my best time is always when I am in the toilet, usually breaking world records being at it for the longest duration! It is my "bad" habit, but my loose bowel problem. But then I didn't waste my time doing nothing. Usually ideas will come flowing by, and I will jot them down immediately. By the end of the "sitting" I will have ample ideas to write. Hahaha!!! So it's not a "dirty" habit after all!

Hope you like my suggestions. If you follow my suggestions, you will never run out of topics to write.  My constant companion is my little black “millennium” notebook which I write my thoughts down immediately any idea strikes my mind.  If you are serious in writing, you may like to follow this “sure win” method.