Buried treasure can be found. Whether it is a tobacco can filled with silver coins behind a loose fireplace stone, a mason jar buried beneath a fence post, or a pot of Roman coins in a farmer's field, buried treasure caches continue to be found. With a metal detector, research, and some luck, you can find a buried treasure cache too.

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Research your local area through old newspapers to learn about treasure stories in your area. Look for treasures that was never recovered from robberies. After bank failures during the Great Depression in the 1930's, some people decided their money was safer buried nearby where they could get to it. If there was any military action in your area, even 100 years ago or more, then there is potential for valuables to have been stashed away in a hurry. Many of these treasures are still where they were left, either because the owners died or had to leave the area quickly, sometimes never to return.

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Talk to old-timers

Talk to people at your local historical society. They keep records of local interest stories. If you get any leads, ask them if there are any older residents that you can contact or any other resources you can look at to get more information. Older residents enjoy talking about the way things used to be. They may be able to supply a clue or two that can get you closer to the treasure cache you are seeking. They may also be able to give you leads to other productive metal detecting locations. Be open to wherever your research leads you.

Collect leads

Create separate files of clues to possible treasure caches in your area. Continue to research and build your file of leads until you feel confident that you know where to look. Cache hunting takes more research than any other type or treasure hunting. If caches were easy to find, they would be found already. Bear in mind that you are probably not the first person to look for these local treasures. Keep your research and intentions to yourself if possible. Don't let others take advantage of all the work you have done to uncover a cache of treasure.

Search carefully

Search for the treasures that your research indicates you have a chance to find. In this type of metal detecting, you know what kind of treasure cache you are searching for, so you know what kind of signal
to listen for with your metal detector. If your leads indicate that you need to look on private property, make sure you get the proper permission to do so. Good luck!