Have you ever woken up, from sleep and had this crazy, awesome, hopefully not bad dream? And it kind of 100% occupies your mind for the next couple of hours?

Just rolling around those thoughts in your head, you can't seem to get it out?

That's probably because it's a very important message to you or it just stuck for some reason. There was something just completely awesome about it.

Well, that's the way you'll get when you start on your passion finding journey.

When you begin to focus on that it begins to stick in your mind, it becomes the strongest influence in your life.

And a way you can get there is by talking to your loved ones, also looking at old notes and journals, and one of my favorite methods is to meditate and capture what you learned in your past experience.

Talk To Your Loved Ones

Your loved ones have unique perspective of the way you have grown up and the way you're living now.

They know what you've liked, what you haven't liked, and maybe what you didn't even know was around you, and available and what you might have missed.

Also, maybe they really kind of tried to get you to go a certain route, but for some reason it wasn't right for you that time.

But when it comes to finding your passion, those clues can really help you out, and who better to come from than those who want to deliver a good, loving message to you than your family and those most loved around you?

Look At Some Of Your Old Notes And Journals

Chances are you've got notes or projects or drawings or paintings or maybe even a diary or journal from childhood laying around.

They probably have a little too much detail and might bring up some interesting thoughts but that is what we are going for her.

We want you to relive some of that so you can understand where your heart and mind traveled along the way and most of it is probably irrelevant now, but you're just looking for that spark.

You're just looking for that little clue that pops up in your mind and says, "hey! That's something you were so interested in before!" but some bing-bong along the way took it away from you, or stopped you from going any further down that path.

Well, now is your chance to do it again, if it works best for you in your life.

Meditate And Capture

This is where you just sit down; calm, quiet, no one else around, nothing else to do. Phone off, TV off. No sounds, no nothing.


Just sit there and think, OK. Ask your subconscious mind to think of what you are really passionate about and then just stop, close your eyes, slow your breath down, don't try to think or control anything and just see.

After a couple of minutes you will probably lose time, lose track of time; but after a couple of minutes, things will start floating around. And when you get to the one that really sticks out, makes an impact, write it down!

No matter what it is, just describe it. Don't use some fancy words or anything, just write down "hey it was square" and "it was green" and "it went in this direction" and then "this person was holding it."

Just be real simple, write it down and it might not mean anything to you now, but it might later.

Tactics to Passion Finding

These three tactics to find your passion and get going in life will be like that dream that sticks in your mind after that great night of sleep.

When you talk to your loved ones, when you look at your old work and notes, and maybe even meditate and capture the ideas that pop up you will be able to focus and find your passion.

Or at least get a nice little clue on where you should be going. And if you're ready, get going and find your passions already.