How to find your purpose in life is not always a straightforward method. It’s a challenge. You’ll come up to twists and turns in your mind that you just won’t immediately know how to navigate. That’s okay. The more trouble you have finding your purpose, the more meaningful it will be to you. One thing that you need to remember throughout this whole how to find your purpose in life method is that your purpose is allowed to change. If a week from now, you’re dissatisfied with what you wrote today, then make a new one. No one can live life exactly as they planned. This includes living to a single purpose. To find an accurate life purpose one would need to be able to see into the future forever. What will be your impact after your death? No one can answer that. So instead consider asking, what’s my life purpose for now.

To find your life purpose for now can easily take up an afternoon. Give yourself plenty of time and silence. Let yourself concentrate as fully as you practically can. Grab a pen and a sheet of paper. Then start writing potential life purposes. Brainstorm anything and everything. Make up silly ones if you have trouble getting started. Perhaps you can build a tree fort colony in the Amazon to get you started. Anything that gets your brain moving.

When coming up with ideas you should probably have three distinct factors involved. The first factor should be your emotions. This should be the easy one. Make sure to make yourself happy or excited or passionate in your purpose. Imagine doing exactly what you wanted to do just to find out you’re not passionate. You’ll think you reached your life purpose just before realizing that you’re bored senseless. What emotions do you want to feel.

Second, you need to include something that will be happening with your time. What will you be doing? You don’t need to be too specific but the more specific you are the easier you’ll find it. For most people, it would include a few different activities. Choose the big ones. The activities are usually pretty easy to adjust in the future. If you have trouble then use what would excite you today.

Third, you need to include other peoples lives. You will not be fulfilled if you don’t end up helping other people feel good. From today you have to know that that is the ultimate goal. Helping people is a serotonin boost like no other. To get through the day feeling the way you want to feel you’ll need it. So don’t forget it.

When brainstorming include these three factors whenever possible. If you end up finding a life purpose that is pretty good but not quite what you’re looking for then consider circling it and redoing it with small changes. For example, you like the life purpose, “Waking up excited to get surfing and investing in the morning and volunteering at my local food bank at night.” That is an okay life purpose but you don’t quite want to live by it. Now try changing it one part at a time. To perhaps, “Waking up excited to get surfing and investing after giving some lessons to anyone interested.” Ask yourself whether it’s better or worse. If it’s better keep it and change it a little. If it’s worse then go back to the one you used before. Repeat this process.

If you end up not getting to something that clicks by adjusting that one then go back to brainstorming. Don’t settle. You don’t have to. If you settle for a purpose you might just feel more comfortable settling in life. How do you know when you’ve found it?

You’ll know. I thought this was silly at first to. I never thought anything would click. But it did. Eventually you’ll know you hit the nail. It’s a good feeling.

What is your life purpose? Don’t tell me. This is a personal thing. It’s not a social ego booster, don’t worry about wording it perfectly. Make it for you. In the future if you ever lose interest in this life purpose. Just do it over again and adjust it appropriately. You will evolve through life. But after completing it in this moment, you should be completely satisfied.