If you’re a woman and need to get in shape, you probably already know that what is separating you from the body you want, is knowing how to find the best fitness boot camp for you.

Fitness boot camps are derived from the military training recruits undergo when joining any branch of the armed forces. This kind of no holds barred fitness prepares a solder for war and shapes them both mentally and physically.

What typically makes boot camps effective, especially for women, is that they tend to be challenging and results driven. And many times a body that is out of shape needs the interval and endurance training that a fitness boot camp has to offer.

But it’s important to note that not all boot camps are the same. Some are downright fly by night or is led by an instructor with very little training.

So let’s go over how to find the best boot camp for you.

The Best Boot Camp for WomenCredit: Morgue File

Free Boot Camp Classes (Typically for a Week) To Decide

The best boot camp for women enables a woman to try before she buys and typically for a week.

Don’t feel pressured by boot camps that let you work out for a day and then gives you the high pressured sales pitch one hour later.

To be honest, boot camp style workouts may not be for EVERY woman so having the opportunity to try classes for a week or so, enables you to make up your mind, not only to discover if this is something you can afford, but also something you can commit to doing for six weeks or more. I say six weeks because that is really the amount of time for an unfit person to see enough results to keep going or to decide they are at their ideal fitness level.

Teacher Boot Camp Temperament and Rapport

When you’ve found a fitness boot camp that you want to try (and that boot camp allows for a week’s trial period), make sure you actually like the fitness instructor and their motivational strategies. You should also understand that most times boot camp in the real military world is often be intense and sometimes a boot camp fitness instructor can be too.

The in your face style of boot camp instruction isn’t for everyone, and in fact there are some boot camps for women that pride themselves on being motivational but non-confrontational. That balance is what many women need. Decide what works for you. And make your decision accordingly. But never sign up for abuse, even disguised or wraped in a compassionate justification.

Ask for and Read the Weight loss and Fitness Testimonials at the Boot Camp Center

For a successful boot camp in your area, you are looking for one that provides results. The more the better. And if you can recognize people in the class from the pictures on the wall or website, then you’ve hit a home run. This tells you that not only are people losing weight and getting fit, but they’re also STAYING FIT. This is important. Because anyone can lose weight, the trick however, is to keep it off.

Take Advantage of Discounts If You Really Love the Boot Camp

If you discover that you love your boot camp, make sure you take advantage of the discounts. Many times the rate gets cheaper when you sign on for a longer duration, like six months or even a year. So be prepared to pay a little more if you’re only looking for a bridal boot camp or some other fitness option that prepares you for a specific event like a trip or another special occasion.

Check Review Sites Out Like Yelp

Finally, check review sites out like Yelp. If the boot camp is really popular you should find all the additional reviews you need to make up your mind. Keep in mind that the best boot camps may not have perfect ratings. Some people go into boot camp fitness camps with different expectations and may more don’t know what to expect. Others know that they need to work hard to show some results and others sometimes think it should be easy or that showing up is merely enough. This as you probably know, is never the case.

So hang in there, do your homework and you’ll be well on your way to getting the results you want and knowing how to find the best fitness bootcamp for you.