Most people who visit SW FL do so because of the glorious, sun-filled days, pristine beaches, beautiful sunsets, high end shopping areas and gormet bistros. Very few visitors realize that Naples and many other SW FL communities have always been a stronghold in the fishing industry. There are so many different fishing charter companies that it can be very difficult to learn how to find the best fishing charters in SW FL. By following these simple yet informative tips, you'll be able to get a great excursion with a knowledgeable Captain who can help you to reel in the catch of a lifetime!

Do Your Research

One of the best things that you can do is to research the SW FL area. The vast majority of people seeking to go out on fishing excursions book fishing charters that go out far offshore into the Gulf waters. This isn't a bad thing however; most offshore fishing charters are conducted on large capacity of vessels. These excursions tend to be impersonal and ineffective as there are loads of people fishing in the same area. This can prove to make for a disappointing fishing trip.

Smaller companies offering fishing charters to people living in or visiting the communities of SW FL usually provide their guests with more personalized service. The fishing boats tend to be smaller which allows the Captain to navigate the narrow waterways in the backcountry areas of the Florida Everglades, Marco Island, Naples and 10,000 Islands. More often than not, these backcountry fishing charters have significantly higher catch rates than the fishing tours offered by larger, offshore companies. You'll need to decide whether large excursions or small fishing charters is the best choice for you and your friends or family.

Talk To the Captain

For the most part, when you call one of the many businesses offering SW FL fishing charters, you will reach a person who is being paid to sell the tours. This shouldn't make you change your mind about doing business with that particular company. It is essential that you ask if you can speak to the Captain prior to booking any fishing charters in SW FL and its surrounding areas. Should the business not allow you to speak directly with the Captain, steer clear as they probably hire temporary ones who only work in the area during the height of tourist season.

A native Captain from Naples, Marco Island or another SW FL community would definately have a better knowledge of fishing in the Florida Everglades and 10,000 Islands. Most will be happy to talk to you about booking a fishing trip. Sure, they might need to call you back but when it comes to talking about fishing, a local Captain will surely bend your ear. So, take the time to talk to the Captain anout the fishing charters available before you make any commitment to go.

All Inclusive Fishing Charters

In all honesty, there are no true all inclusive fishing charters in SW FL. Many of the large tour companies offer water, sandwiches and even alcoholic beverages to their guests however; these are always at an additional cost which must be paid on the day of the trip. Smaller inshore and backcountry fishing charters usually provide coolers that are stocked full of ice just waiting for you to fill them with your own favorite drinks, snacks and sandwiches for the day. This can save you a fair amount of money as well as ensure that you have the food that you'd like to eat and the drinks that you'd enjoy too. Be sure to find out the company's food and beverage policy before booking your trip.

Now that you know how to find the best fishing charters in SW FL, you need to get to work. Booking your fishing tours in advance will ensure that you get the most incredible excursion and experience SW FL fishing at its finest!