A lot of times, we are scared to put ourselves out there because we're scared of the feedback we'll receive. It is very much like people who get nervous making public speeches. It's hard enough to research the material to write in a paper, but presenting it to the masses is a whole lot scarier. We want to try to keep our feedback as positive as possible. Applause, nods, and smiles let us know that we're doing fine, and shaking of the head, or a lack of an applause usually means we should tweak it before we present it again. There are so many ways we can offer information to the masses other than public speaking nowadays. We  have platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Blogs to share our thoughts. Blogs are a little more different from the other three platforms. Instead of a place where you can update your friends with status updates, Blogs are almost like your own little journal or newspaper column. It offers more space and freedom for you to share your thoughts. However, getting your blog to reach a mass audience might be a little harder than you thought. You can be writing the most interesting blog in the world, but it doesn't mean a thing if nobody is reading it. If you think your blog has potential to become a very popular blog, but you can almost hear crickets, then maybe it's maybe time to try a little something new to bring some traffic through your blog


The importance of a good layout

What do you think of your own blog layout? Sure, of course you like it. You picked it! However, sometimes you have to appeal to the masses and use a layout that is more user-friendly. If you're keeping your blog for personal reasons, then use any layout you want. If you are trying to get your ideas and thoughts out into the world, then you have to make sure the interface is easily accessed. Make sure it is easy for the reader to find the comments, "about me", the login links, and other important buttons. If your posts are haphazardly placed, line them up somehow. Let your style shine though. Have a good header that you think represents you very well. Your readers will critic your blog within a few seconds of looking at it, so make sure the impression you are giving off is a good one.


Request some feedback

Feedback is great because it lets you know what others think of  your blog. Are you getting any feedback right now? If you're not, the problem is probably because you haven't been asking for any! Your readers don't know that you want feedback. At the end of your posts, ask your readers for advice or any type of response. Ask them how they feel about the ideas you proposed in your posts. A simple "What do you think?" can encourage readers to leave a comment or two. This way, you will get to know your readers as individuals and not as a whole.


Pass on worn out topics

I know that posting about the "it" topic of the moment is very tempting to gain readers, but stay true to yourself. If you are honestly not interested in the topic, don't write about it just because it's popular. Readers will soon notice that once in a while, you post random topics that do not seem of your forte. Stick with unique topics that you think other people will be interested in. If you have a special interest in gardening, write about that. Readers will appreciate the sincerity in your posts. Also, it will be easier to write posts because you will be writing about topics you actually enjoy. No researching required!


Take advantage of the free marketing

If you have a Facebook, write status updates about your blog. If you have Twitter, tweet about it! Getting the word out that you have a blog will generate a lot more foot traffic though your blog. Your friends don't visit your blog probably because they don't even know you have a blog! Send out emails to all your friends and family to pass on the message. When you write blog posts, make sure you add corresponding tags to your post. If you are writing about gardening, make sure your tags are about gardening. When people are searching for certain topics on the internet, the more tags that correspond to their search, the more likely your blog will appear on top of the search page.


If you try some of these tips, hopefully your blog will generate a lot more traffic and good feedback. If you are genuine when writing and creating your blog, your readers will appreciate your efforts and provide you with good responses that you deserve. If you ever do get bad feedback, take their comments and see what you can do to prevent bad feedbacks from happening again. Be wary of bad feedback though. There are "trolls" on the internet that just thrive on negativity. Take those comments with a grain of salt.