In this article I will be explaining to you in the most simple of words how to repair your garbage disposal.

Things You Will Need

Philips head screw driver Adjustable wrench (Monkey wrench) Flat head screw driver Bucket Pipe Wrench

Step 1

Make sure there is nothing in the way of the garbage disposal. Don't stick your hand down there, but make sure nothing obvious is going to get disposed of or block the blades.

Step 2

Turn the switch on. You should hear a grumbling sound. If you don't hear a grumbling sound, open the cabinet under the sink. There should be a little red reset button directly under the disposal, or on the side. Turn the switch off then push that button in. While you're down there check to make sure the disposal is plugged in if it's wired directly to an outlet.

Step 3

Do you hear a grumbling sound when you turn the switch on? If it sounds good and chops a carrot up then congratulations, your disposal is fixed. If not you may have clogged the disposal.

Step 4

Now you have to get dirty. Go under the sink and unplug the disposal. If there is just an electrical wire you will have to trace it and disconnect it. Be sure to kill the breaker panel first.

Step 5

Now undo the PVC fittings. There is one for the waste you should be able to undo by hand. If not use a pipe wrench. Now reach your hand on top of the disposal but under the sink and loosen the wing nut holding the disposal up.

Step 6

Now that you have the disposal on the floor you can remove the philips or flat head screws that hold the top part on. Under this cover are the blades. Be careful because they are sharp. Do not ever start the disposal like this.

Step 7

Clean everything out and reassemble. Do not attempt to start it until everything is hooked up properly and the disposal is under the sink.

Step 8

If your disposal still does not work, it's time for a new disposal. There are lots of places you can purchase a new disposal, or you can get it rebuilt by a professional. Most of the time if you follow my steps you will have a working disposal for free in no time.

Tips & Warnings

Read all the warnings in each step and do not start the disposal unless everything is setup and hooked up properly.