Your landing page is the single most important page on your site! This one page determines everything. When a visitor visits your site, you have one chance to convince them to stay. Most visitors will look at a site for a few seconds to make their decision on whether to stay longer or not.  You have a few seconds to convince your visitor to stay longer. This is a very very hard job. In this article I will show you how to do just that, I will teach you what to do and what not to do and show you the secrets to creating a top notch landing page that will attract tons of visitors so lets get started!


What is a Landing Page

A landing page tends to be the first page visitors see when they come to your site. On this page is usually a photo and some description of your company and site. Your landing page can make or break a site.  It is absolutely essential that this page is given a significant amount of consideration.  Based on the landing page people will determine within a few seconds whether they are interested or not. It is your job to entice visitors to stay with you! How do you do this? It is not easy, it requires lots of trial and error. 


Components of A Landing Page

A landing page needs a few essential things in order to function properly.

  1. Description of the website/company
  2. Collection of Data and information
  3. Interaction

These three things make up a landing page, below we will go into these components in great detail.



   Landing pages must have information about your website or company, this can come in the form of text, a video, photos ect.. A visitor should be able to read or view content on your site that will help them make an informed decision. Look at this example below.

LivinSport Landing Page

In this image above, you can see the bottom half of the landing page from As you can see this gives a wide range of information about the site. You can see some information about what the site does. You can also see some content from the site itself! While the graphics are not the best, the general idea of this landing page is great! On it we have some information that visitors can read and make an informed decision about.  Compare this landing page to the one below which was the old one

True College Bound

This homepage looks pretty good. It has nice graphics and is well designed but there is no information on it. Remember we are just looking at the content not the quality of the images and design. This was the old landing page that had a bounce rate of over 50%!! Some will blame the quality of the traffic that came to the site but the reality is that this homepage is not good enough. Assuming high quality traffic, bounce rates should be close to 20%.   So what can we learn from this? Content matters! I recommend putting a little blurb on your site homepage or even a video! Many sites use videos to promote their content.


Collect Data And Information

Collection of Data and Information, will help you market to visitors later. If they give you their email address or social media information you can use that to market them later on. Below is an example of another homepage. The site and app is not ready yet but my team and I put in a landing page that collects information from visitors. As you can see we have social media buttons such as Twitter, and Facebook, and we also have a small box were people can subscribe for updates. This ensures that although we do not have content at this time later on we can tell people to come back and check us out!

Landing Page Example

Collection of data is very important for sites that are still being built. I advise startups to make simple landing pages and collect data all the time. Just from the landing page alone, in the first two weeks I collected 20 emails. That means 20 potential sales. It may take months for you to build your product but in the mean time, collect information!  Even for sites that are already built, make it easy for users to give you information.



Look at the screenshot above again. If you look at the top you will see buttons for Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin and Youtube. These buttons define interactions. Interactions are when two or more groups, connect and communicate. Putting in those buttons does just that. With them, potential customers can connect with our business, they can like us on Facebook or subscribe to our Twitter feed. This is how interactions work. On Twitter, I can speak directly to my followers. This is very powerful and companies are using it more and more to engage users.

   Take advantage of social media and interact with your users. Below you will see a site, with a Facebook button, unlike the Facebook "Share" button this one is for registering and signing up. Using this button, users can register to the site using Facebook. This allows the site to collect important data on their users and to access their networks and promote their product to that users friends/family.

LivinSport Landing Page

I think all sites should allow registration with Twitter or Facebook. Remember though that not all people want to do that so it is important to allow for non social media connection registration. You will lose potential users if you only allow registration with social media! Still the benefits of using it is enormous, you will have much more information about your user that you can then use to

  • Market to them
  • Understand your business
  • Understand your user

You can learn a lot from customer information. People are always surprised when I show them Google Analytics. Using Google Analytics you can virtually track where every visitor is accessing your site from. If 10 visits comes from Canada, you can track the city, the browser they are using, the time spent on the site..... so much information can be obtained it is sometimes scary.


I have already gone over a lot in this 1000+ word article. The last thing I will cover is some statistics about how different landing pages affect visitors. Below I show a snibit of data taken from Google Analytics. As you will see from January -June, the site landing page improved. In January the bounce rate was reaching 66% then the site landing page was changed and the bounce rate went down 8 points to 58%. If 100 visitors came to the site you would have kept on 8 more visitors from leaving so quickly. That 8 visitors can make a  huge difference.

Google Analytics Site Statistics


I  hope this article has helped you learn more about landing pages. It takes a lot of trial and error to build the perfect landing pages, but I feel that it will be worth it in the end, because as I have stated many times before that landing page is the most important page on the site. Your work will never be done with your landing page, try to constantly change and improve it, you will never have a shortage of things to fix. Just recently when Facebook changed its API, I had to change all my Facebook buttons so that they would work properly. Stuff like this happens all the time and you must keep on top of it. Please leave comments below and tell me what you think about this article. If you enjoyed reading this article, then please read some of my other ones. I have tons of great articles listed on my profile.