Saving and Repairing Your Wet Cellular Phone

Wet iPhone
Everybody knows somebody who has managed to drop their cell phone into a toilet, sink or pool. While it may seem catastrophic that your iPhone just went swimming, there are quite a few things you can do to try and save your phone. A lot of these things also apply to other portable electronics so if you've dropped your PDA or camera in the toilet, this article may help for more than how to repair a wet cell phone.

The first thing you are going to want to do is get your phone out of the water as quickly as possible. The longer it is underwater the more opportunity water will have to sneak into the tiny cracks in the phone.

The next step, and probably the most important, is to remove the battery. The battery provides electricity to the phone, without electricity you can not short a phone out; this is why removing it is vital. One major short in the phone and it could be garbage.

If your phone fell into the ocean or another salt water source, after removing the battery you will want to rinse your phone off with cold tap water to get all the salt and other sediment out.

If you are on a GSM phone network like AT&T, you are going to also want to remove your SIM card. Most GSM phones store a lot of their numbers and other important information on the SIM card. If your phone winds up being garbage from getting wet, at the very minimum you can bring all your phone numbers and addresses to the next phone via your SIM card.

The next step is to try and dry your phone off as much as possible. Any pieces that are easily removable from your phone should be removed and you should shake it out as much as possible. Use paper towels to dry it off. Avoid using clothes or towels that could have static energy on them as they could potentially damage your phone.

Unless you happen to have access to a vacuum chamber at your school or local friendly laboratory, grab your vacuum and use it to try and suck any water out of your phone. The vacuum will suck the moisture out. Make sure you do not use a blow dryer regardless of the temperature setting you have it on. A blow dryer will force the water deeper into the phone which could force water into tighter nooks and crannies resulting in potentially longer time to dry out as well as damage to other circuitry it if it dries on it.

Next, if you can find a product containing desiccant, you can submerge your phone in it to help absorb the water. Desiccant can typically be found in products called 'Dry Right' or 'Damp Rid'. If you can't find any desiccant, place the phone in some uncooked rice over night and the rice will help absorb the moisture. Try to leave it in a warmer room so that the heat will naturally cause the moisture to evaporate.

Finally, with the battery still disconnected, plug your phone in with the battery charger. If it turns on, your phone is most likely still functional. If you put the battery back in and it doesn't work the water probably shorted out the battery; head to your local cell phone dealer and buy a new battery.

If your phone doesn't turn on with the battery charger, getting your phone wet most likely killed your phone. The only thing you can do is take it to the local cell phone dealer and tell them what happened and see if your phone is salvageable. There is no point in lying about what happened as there is moisture indicators inside your phone designed to tell if you dropped your phone in the toilet!