At home Halloween is a favorite holiday. It just would not be the same if we did not carve a pumpkin. My children and I look forward to it every year the TV specials, the decorations, the aroma of a freshly carved pumpkin and the roasted pumpkin seeds, there is just nothing else like it.Spider Jack-O-Lantern

With all the fun there is to have, who wants it all spoiled by a jack-o-lantern who suffered an accident at the hands of your overly excited five year old? Who is now crying, "I hate jack-o-lanterns!" Since he accidently carved off a leg or two off his spider carving. Trying to convince him that the spider still looks cool with only five legs isn't working, so what now? With the economy these days you can't really afford to buy extra pumpkins for when mistakes like these happen and who would really want to throw out an entire pumpkin all because of a simple mistake?

If you have more than one child when moments like this occur which is usually very often you become very creative, In my desperate attempt to save our favorite holiday festivities and our eardrums, I grabbed a toothpick. Eureka! I knew these little sticks had a greater purpose!

Read below to learn how you to can save your broken jack-o-lanterns.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Grab the spider leg and insert the toothpick halfway into the end which it broke from. Next, you need to insert the exposed toothpick half into the spider body, reattaching the leg, thus bringing life back to the spider and a big smile to your little ones face. You are now a Super Mom/Dad!

For those of you who need to reattach something larger than a spider leg, like perhaps the middle section between the eyes of your jack-o-lantern, you will need two toothpicks. Start by inserting one toothpick halfway into one of the ends from which it broke off from, attach that to the pumpkin just like in step 1. Now to attach the other broken end you'll need to insert the second toothpick from the inside of the pumpkin. Insert the toothpick from one broken end into the other broken end almost like stitching both pieces together.

You now have the secret to my power, go forth and save the day!

Tips & Warnings

This will hold really well just make sure to align both ends correctly.