Note: All iPhone and iPod Touches have a glass/digitizer on the top. This is the part that recognizes your fingers when you touch the screen. The LCD display is under the glass/digitizer and displays the image. On the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G these are two separate components but on the iPhone 2G it's one piece = $$$$$$. If you cracked the iPhone or iPod touch screen there is a chance you just cracked one or the other, but possibly both. If your screen isn't crack but you have other problems with your device click here.

To jailbreak click here.


How to know if you need an LCD: If the image under the glass is broken and the touch panel is not cracked or damaged in any way then you only need the LCD.

How to know if you need a digitizer: If the top digitizer or the glass top is cracked or broken but the image under it is fine then you only need the Touch Panel. If you can see the icons, words, text etc with no issue other than the surface crack then you just need the touch panel.


Apple Store – This is the safest option here but it is the priciest. If you paid for a long warranty then this is the way to go as if you go anywhere else it will void your warranty. If you have jailbroken your phone, and the screen has been broken just do a simple restore in iTunes before you bring it in and they will never know it has been jailbroken. Just remember jailbreaking is a software change and can always be undone.


Keep your warranty
Create an appointment with your local Apple Store and have your new screen in 10 minutes


Expensive (about $200)
Can be a lengthy wait if you can't get to a local Apple Store

Your next option would be to send it off to a third party company. Be careful for people on craigslist that are doing this without any company or real guarantees, you are taking a risk relying on someone else. The last option will be to do it yourself and I will let you know a few places to get the best parts at the best price.

#2) (Great for Canadians)

Prices are for the entire replacement and installation
IPod repairs come with a 1 year warranty, iPhone and Mac repairs carry a 6 month warranty
Ship anywhere in the world
Repair all iPod and iPhone Models except iPod Shuffles
IPod Touch glass/digitizer and LCD replacement service are $89.99 each
IPhone 3G/3GS glass digitizer is $119.99 for the complete service
IPhone 3G LCD replacement is $129.99 and the 3GS is $149.99
IPhone 2G digitizer/LCD replacement is $179.99
5 locations across Canada

All prices are for the entire replacement service
All sale prices I list are as of Feb 28/10 (CANADA WON GOLD)
IPhone 3G digitizer and LCD's are $99.99 each but are on sale now for $79.00 each
IPhone 3GS digitizer is $139.00 but sale price is $89.00
IPhone 3GS LCD is $99.00 but sale price is $79.00
ITouch 1G prices are….digitizer-$109.00/$69.00 sale price…LCD - $49.00…both for $118.00
ITouch 2G prices are digitizer - $99.00/$89.00 sale price or both LCD and digitizer for $119.00
ITouch 3G prices are digitizer- $129.00/$109.00 sale price or both LCD and digitizer for $149.00 (Recommend)

90 day warranty
IPhone 3G glass repair - $69.99, LCD - $84.99 or both LCD and digitizer for $110.00
IPhone 3GS glass repair – $79.00, LCD - $139.00 or both for $179.00 (Recommend)

Add $20.00 for installation
3G - $99.99 LCD or digitizer, if you need both $150.00
3GS - $129.99 LCD add digitizer for $50.00, digitizer - $99.00
IPhone 1G $179.99 digitizer and LCD
ITouch 1G/2G/3G LCD and digitizer are $99.00 each add $50.00 if you want both
1 year warranty on LCD and digitizers


Now your last option and my favorite, is to do it yourself. What the hell right you can almost get a replacement phone for these prices. The best place out there to get your parts from is
they seem to be the top place to buy parts from. All of their parts also come with the tools and they have their own free step by step repair guides. Another great place to buy parts from is you will just need to make sure you are getting what you want. I hope this article helps people out there.

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