A question that I often times get asked is: “how can I flip a house with no money down?” Folks hear all the time about people investing in real estate with no money of their own, yet how they actually pull this off often times remains a mystery.

With all the real estate investing TV shows out there today this makes perfectly good sense. People see other people doing it, and they want to learn how!

The one problem is that the pros make it all seem so easy. This is only natural. They are pros that have many house flips under their belts. Plus they have a film editing team to edit out all the mistakes and tough times!

The pros say anyone can do it, it does not affect anything if you have no credit, have bad credit or no money. They say anyone can do it.

Does this sound like a whole bucket load of hype to you?

How You Can Flip A House With No Money Of Your OwnThe Naked Truth

The truth of the matter is that you can flip houses with no money downthe TV shows have the story 50% correct.

Is it easier to flip houses if you have money? Definitely.

I’ll be the first one to tell you, that if you want to get involved in real estate investing, it is absolutely easier to do so with money than without.

It’s also easier to flip houses with no money using your own assets. Now this does not necessarily mean using your own money.

Yet if you are highly motivated, and you really truly want to flip a house, it is absolutely feasible to fund a house flip using someone else's funds.

This is not a mystery; it is called using OPM (other people's money), and it is one of the best ways to fund your next house flip deal.

How You Can Flip A House With Absolutely No Money Down

And how do you do that? You can't just go around banging on doors, or pick up the phone and call your family for a few hundred thousand dollarshowever that would be really nice if you could.

The first thing you need to do is get educated on how to flip houses. Below are a few helpful words of advice:

• Research: Read anything and everything related to house flipping. The fact that you are here reading this article is a very good step.

• Encompass: Surround yourself with people who know their stuff when it comes to real estate investing. Who you become friends with speaks volumes about who you are and can significantly impact your bottom line. Spend time with extremely successful people. This success mindset will rub off on youand they also may be great sources of capital to fund your house flips as well.

• Get Out: Get off your butt and attend real estate related networking events and meetings: REIA or Real Estate Investment Association meetings. They are all over the country, and odds are there is one in your area as well. I go to them all the time. These meetings helped me to meet some of the investors I currently work with.

The greatest aspect about real estate investing is that anyone with the right mindset and attitude can get involved in the business. The most important asset is not how much money you have in your bank account, but instead how much motivation you have on the inside.