You've probably been yourself all of your life...And it hasn't given you many dates with the pretty girls you really want to go out with. Don't despair...I know exactly how you feel...I was in the same boat until several years ago...So how do you flirt...And get a date with that girl of your dreams?

The 4 steps I use.

>>> Step 1: Use Natural Conversation...Being nervous is the number one killer of a opening conversation with her. And as you probably have discovered, pick-up lines don't come naturally. Once you've gotten the balls to approach her..."Hi" is adequate for breaking the ice and making first contact. I like to start right into the conversation just pretend she's a friend you already know.

It’s the least awkward you can get, They will respond just about all the time...Not 100% of the time and it’s the easiest way to strike up a conversation with her! Just image the rush you're going to feel when this girl your crazy about actually acknowledges you!

>>> Step 2: Tease Her...Using the theme “talk to her like she's a friend” and as we know friends tease each other. That is the...meat and potatoes...of flirting. Naturally you'll need to keep the humor light. Don’t mention her weight or a flaw. She's perfect and a QUEEN...And treat her as such.

I found the safest way to gently tantalize a girl is to make her come across as sweet. Sweet is a pretty safe spot between a compliment and not getting too intimate. The trick is loosely  say something that could possibly be considered rude but with a tone that says “I like it, you’re so sweet”.

Flirt>>> Step 3: Take it up a level...Get sexual. Alright so far you’re on your way to making a new friend. This is where just about all guys get stuck, in the friend zone. If your wanting to go on a date with her...You've got to come across as wanting to be more than friends with her. The only way out is to jump into the unknown and make a sexual remark.

Remember we want to avoid the awkwardness. The simplest way I know of is saying  the word “SEXY” during the conversation say something like...You look so sexy in that dress...and then continue the conversation. Once you've added a few sexy phrases this is the point where in her head she realizes that you want to be more than friends...One more vital thing...

>>>Step 4: Be Patience...Don't act desperate. Continue talking as before but leaning more towards fun teasing to getting to know her more. Don't stop the teasing entirely it's still the nitty-gritty of flirting. I am always teasing my girlfriend daily, and she still has that smile about her. Keep dropping sexual remarks if it seems fitting but don’t overdo it. If she now knows your attracted to her...but are still classy and talking to her like a normal person...she'll get more interested and start chasing you before long.

Don't come across as desperate. When you make your advance, be nonchalant about it, don't pretend to be someone you're not. Asking a woman out, even flirting with her, is not as difficult as it is cracked up to be.