This was heavily inspired by the idea Derek Halpern from Social Triggers put forward with this post:

"15 Twitter Head Lines That Pull Twitter Traffic".

The post was aimed at getting Tweeters to visit your website.

He compiled a list of fifteen great headline templates that could make convince people to visit a webpage that you had.

However, the twist was that the headlines templates were of the great titles for books and websites, and  your small job was to manipulate the template to fit in with your tweet.

An example he gives is with the famous book "How to Win Friends and Influence People" would be the actual title template, then you would remix the title to improve adjust to your own topic.

As he was talking about gaining traffic from Twitter he gave the examples of:

"How to Win Friends and Influence People On Twitter" and "How to Attract and Influence People on Twitter".

Then not too many moments later ... it dawned on me this can be applied to InfoBarrel Articles. Where it can act as a fantastic list to generate articles from, with great headlines too. (moving away from the Top 10 Best ... etc.)

So I put it to the test, I got a subject in mind: Advice for students applying to study at University in the United Kingdom.

Then just rolled with it, changing the wording to my topic in seconds, as you can see below:

1) 'How to Win Offers and Influence Admission Tutors'. Already I know what I am going to write about, how a student can get offers from universities and ways to influence admission tutors to help the student gain an offer etc.

2) 'The Secret of Making Universities Want You'. Again providing tips on why a University would want you to study at their university.

3) 'How a New Dsicovery Made a Average Student Amazing'. I think you are getting the picture now anyway but I will carry out the following fifteen title templates just to illustrate.

4) 'Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing Your Personal Statement?'

5) 'How I Improved my Application In Three Minutes'

6) 'Three Types of Applications - Which Type is Yours?'

7) 'To People Who Want to Write a Awesome Personal Statement - But Can't Get Started'

8) 'To Students Who Want to Go to A Top University'

9) 'The Right and Wrong Interview Techniques - And Little Pointers that Will Increase Your Chances of An Offer'

10) 'Ten Reasons Why It Would Have Paid To Read This Article On Personal Statements Before you Sent it'

11) ' What Everybody ought to know ... About this UCAS Business'

12) 'How a Silly Book Got Me into the University of my Dreams'

13) 'Give me 10 days And I'll Give You A Perfect Personal Statement ... Let me Prove it - Free"

14) 'Only One Of these Tips Can Help You Have An Awesome Interview'

15) 'Do You Have Any Idea How Hard it is to get into Oxford University? Well, not very.'

Check Out Derek's Post and the Original List Here

Now out of this fifteen I probably like only half of the actual article titles but with every article it has given me a new direction on the subject which I can write about, even if the title doesn't really fit ( I can find a better suiting one later).

Then below I have attempted to carry out a similar list of templates like what Derek has, to hopefully illustrate you don't even have to stick to just Derek's list, you can use titles you also really enjoy.

One of my favorties my sister came up with was from the Film: "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"  then she came up with 'How To Lose A Pound In 10 Ways".

All the examples are related to writing on InfoBarrel just to be clear, no real thought behind this particular topic just to demonstrate the article title and idea generation.

1) The Intelligent Investor

Example: The Intelligent InfoBarrel-er.

2) The Naked Trader: How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares

Example: The Naked Writer: How Anyone Can Make Money Writing Articles

3) The Seven Biggest Mistakes Made By Property Investors and How to Avoid Them

Example: The 4 Biggest Mistakes Made By InfoBarrel Writers and How To Avoid Them.

4) Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap ... and Others Don't

Example: Good to Great: Why some InfoBarrel Writers Make the leap ... and Others Don't.