Many writers struggle to come up with article ideas and don’t produce as much content as they could online or elsewhere.  Ideas can come from many places including personal knowledge and things the writer likes to do.

Personal Knowledge - Work

One of the best places to get inspiration for your writing is to write about things you already know. When people get together one of the first things they talk about is work. Focus your next article on something work related and use that article to generate more. You could probably write quite a few articles if your job is technical in nature and people would read it. This makes for easy writing because you don’t have to do any research about the subject matter, which takes up valuable writing time. Make a list of possible work related article you could write and whenever you come up with a new idea add it to your list so you have fresh ideas to write about. When you feel writers block come along you can start writing about your job.

Personal Knowledge - Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, most people have some other interest or hobby. You might like to paint, ride a bike, garden, work on a car, play an instrument or do anything else that you enjoy. These hobbies and interests make for excellent articles and can be a source of great content because some of your passion for the activity will show up in your writing. Take your hobby and make a series of articles about it and if you keep writing new ideas will pop into your head and you may find you can write about your hobby for a very long time to come. When you are stuck for ideas look to your hobbies and interests for inspiration.

Things You Would Like To Do

We all have something we would like to do in life but have not gotten around to it yet. Maybe you want to travel Europe or go mountain climbing. Take these dreams and turn them into articles when you need ideas. This will require you to do some research on the subject matter but since it’s something you want to do you will enjoy the process of writing about it.

Popular Topics

Another way to generate article ideas is to write about things that are popular in the media. If you write about these topics, you could end up having articles that people read on a regular basis. The only downside to this is that when a trend fades out so will your articles. This can be a great way to generate interest in your articles in the short term. Write about news, celebrities, popular gadgets, new games and so on.

Generating Ideas

Take a single word and generate article ideas from that single word. In this example, we will use the single word dog. Think of how many articles you could write about just using the word dog. Let’s add some words to dog and see how easy it would be to write dozens of articles using the word dog.

  • Dog breed
  • Dog collar
  • Dog medicine
  • Dog history
  • Dog injuries
  • Dog toys
  • Dog tricks

Now let’s come up with five articles.


Popular Dog Breeds

Great Tricks to Teach your Dog

Fun Toys for your Dog

What Type of Dog Collar Should I Buy?

The History of the German Shepherd


As you see, this process is quite easy and you can write a lot of content in a short period. Do this for something where you have knowledge about the subject.


Never Stop Writing

Article ideas are all around you.  Look to your own knowledge first for a massive source of inspiration.  Write about your work, hobbies, interests and other things you have passion about. When you write this way your inner personality will come out in the words you put on the screen or paper.  Start generating ideas by using a single word and adding words to it to come up with new ideas.  Write each day and never stop, not ever.