Working to Generate Income

Generating income by writing articles takes time, this is not an avenue to get rich quick. I started writing articles to help my son market his niche sites and discovered that some authors were making a very good living doing this. The more that I researched how to improve my statistics to help my son, the more I learned that there was great potential to establish an ongoing income for myself as well. In the mean time, I was getting hooked on article writing and the comments from strangers encouraging me to write more.

I remember the excitement of the first time I generated AdSense estimated earnings. It was only 73¢, but my heart was racing and I quickly called my son to report the good news to him. I was on my way to making it big as an author. In all my research to learn about publishing articles on-line, I had found several articles from successful authors that have shared their income over the years and 73¢ was more than many of them had made their first month. I was encouraged, especially when the finalized earnings for my first month (I had only 2 weeks of writing that first month) was $1.43. I was way ahead of some of the more well rewarded authors who had published their first month's income.

Within the first month of writing, I discovered I was hooked on the addiction of writing articles. It is fun to stimulate others to make comments and read what they had to say. I was making a few pennies here and there, but not enough to be exciting like that first 73¢. I read about back linking and tried that to stimulate readership with a little success. With more research, I learned about spinning articles and decided to give that a try. Others might be successful with spinning, but I got discouraged when I had difficulty getting my first spun article published - three rejections after revisions and the article disappeared. That was probably the best thing that has happened to me so far because I now would not want that poorly written article attached to my name anywhere on the Internet!

I am once again back on track and more positive about developing my income as an article writer than ever before. What I have learned through all this is that you have stay positive about your writing, give yourself time to grow a following, diversify your venues to provide yourself organic back linking, and most of all keep writing. To generate an income, you have to have readers of your material. Good, unique, well written content is vital and will help you to develop a following that wants to read more of your articles. The larger your following, the faster you will get attention for a new article. It takes more time for your article to get ranked in the search engines than in the article directory that you post it in. The more attention you get from the article directory, the faster and higher you will rank in the search engines.

When I started writing articles, I started here at InfoBarrel. I loved the achievement point system that helps an author keep track of their growth within the community. It was frustrating waiting 2 to 5 days to get an article approved and published. Once published, I would back link by placing comments on blogs related to the article and started to get some traffic. Internally, I would receive a comment or two and did pick up a friend. My research was indicating that I needed to spread myself around and start to get known in other article directories to better promote myself.

I was then introduced to HubPages. It took me a little time to adjust to the differences, but not very long at all. HubPages is very well organized with easy to use capsules for adding pictures, videos and polls instantly. The approval process is fast and publication is instant. They also offer Hub Hopping which gives exposure of new articles quickly. I have found the HubPages community to be welcoming and supportive to a new author.

Seekyt is my newest find and I am totally enjoying this article directory. My first 3 articles were approved in hours of submission and now I have instant publication for new articles. Somehow, Seekyt's rating were not hurt by the recent Google changes and the articles I have placed on there are performing extremely well. Seekyt also has the highest revenue share I have found at 70% + a 25% referral. (Referrals are another source of income that I support.) The only negative I have found with Seekyt is that you can not save a draft of an article. I suggest that you write your article in word and gather your pictures and videos to be prepared to assemble your article at one time. This being said, it is a great site.

I am just starting with Squidoo so I am limited on my experience with them. I do find their system very organized and believe this is a great site for social marketing, networking and back linking.

The last revenue sharing site that I am currently involved with that offers a benefit for referrals is Bukisa. Bukisa has a very strong and supportive writing community. There is no self promotion or back linking permitted within articles, but you are encouraged to place this information in your profile which is viewed often. This is a good site because of their active community for AdSense revenue generation on unique articles about anything that is on your mind.

Other article submission sites I have been associated with include GoArticles and EzineArticles. These are good sites for exposure but are very limited on back linking and self promotion.

Having spread my wings and submitted almost 50 articles in various locations has definitely increased my viewings. As my followers increase, my AdSense earnings are going up exponentially. I have linked the site names to make it easy for you to explore the opportunities for yourself. Good luck to all in your attempts to generate income writing articles.