All websites, no matter what their niche is, have one thing in common and that is to generate as much traffic as they possibly can. You can ask the owners of the most popular websites in the world and they will all admit that they want MORE traffic coming to their sites.

Earlier this year Google unleashed a series of ‘updates’ to the way that our sites ranked in their search engine. These little updates were given cute names such as Panda and Penguin but don’t be fooled by the names because the updates savaged our traffic amounts like a lion would savage an antelope.

Suddenly the old ways were no longer working and new methods have being sought (this author saw his traffic cut by around 70%!). Below are just a handful of some of the ways that have being used to regain the lost traffic streams.

Social Networks

Social media is probably going to become the big winner out of the recent Google updates because many website owners and marketers are now turning to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc, to try to reach a fresh audience that they had neglected, or never bothered with, in the past. These websites predate upgrades, but look for dramatic increases is what I’m getting at.

Facebook is probably going to become the main benefactor as they have pages, groups and profiles available for you to build for your product or service.

Guest Blog Posting

Guest posting for those of you who don’t know is the art of submitting a blog post for publication on a blog of the same niche that is not yours. You get your content published for free to a new audience the blog owner gets fresh content and you are repaid by having a link to your website inserted into the post.

This is a great way of driving traffic to your website, especially if you are lucky enough to have your post published on a very popular site, or a number of posts published on popular sites regularly.

Content Syndication

Content syndication is nothing new it has been around for many years even years before the internet was available to the public. Marketers have used it online for years to generate a large amount of back links to their website in a relatively short period.

But it isn’t just good for getting back links it is also a handy way of generating some traffic it might not produce the kind of levels that a hard promotion push on Facebook will but as some would say “every little helps”.

Blog Commenting

This is something of a talking point among many site owners because some believe it is still a great way of generating traffic, and back links, while some others believe that the recent Google updates have made this obsolete and a pointless waste of time.

I am one who sits firmly in the camp of “it is still worth doing it”. I would suggest putting aside around 30 minutes a couple of times a week to visit blogs and leave as many decent comments (spam comments are pointless) as I can muster.

These are just a few that I think will help people who are looking to increase their website traffic if you use any of these methods I’d be interested to know how you fare with them via the comment section below.